Deputies were threatened with a remote control – Kommersant newspaper No. 198 (7160) of 10/29/2021

State Duma Chairman Viacheslav Volodin on Thursday instructed the Commission on Regulations to work out the issue of transferring deputies who were not vaccinated against coronavirus to remote work. LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky made a proposal not to let such people into the parliament building. The Duma also decided to oblige employees of the apparatus to be vaccinated. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation is outraged by this initiative and believes that it will violate the rights of not only the deputies, but also the voters. According to the expert, against the background of the increase in the incidence of diseases, one should expect that federal political players will strive to demonstrate their useful contribution to the vaccination campaign.

The issue of transferring unvaccinated deputies to remote work was raised at a meeting on October 28 by LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky. In connection with the aggravation of the situation with the coronavirus, he suggested that 37 deputies who were not sick or vaccinated to monitor the work of parliament from home on the Internet, and employees of the Duma apparatus, adhering to the same position, should not be allowed to work at all, since they have fewer rights than the deputies. Mr. Zhirinovsky believes that it is time to tighten the screws, and this has not been done before because of the elections.

Viacheslav Volodin instructed the Commission on Regulations to study this issue: “We will work out the possibility of voicing the position [непривитых депутатов] either through a faction, or through a commission on regulations, where a deputy will need to speak on a particular issue. ” The commission must submit its proposals to the next meeting of the Council of the Duma on November 8. The speaker also said that the staff of the apparatus and assistants of the deputies are obliged to get vaccinated – such a decision was made by the Council of the Duma the day before.

“If the work of the parliament stops, what consequences can the country expect!” – Vyacheslav Volodin warned his colleagues.

According to Mr. Volodin, over the past two days deputies from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Nikolai Kharitonov and Sergei Shargunov fell ill. Last week, the speaker reported on 13 cases. According to him, in total, 30% of the deputies of the eighth convocation have had coronavirus, 62% of the elect are vaccinated. At the same time, 5% of the deputies each were not vaccinated in United Russia and the Liberal Democratic Party, 10% among the Social Revolutionaries, 18% in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, and the New People faction became the leader in terms of the unvaccinated – 30% of members were not vaccinated there.

Andrei Makarov, head of the United Russia budget committee, also spoke on the topic of vaccination. He said that in the apparatus of his committee, a man who had two children had died from covid, and now Mr. Makarov is waking up from shouting “mom!”. According to him, now the question is about what example the deputies show the country, so they are obliged to be vaccinated. United Russia has also promised not to allow deputies to attend meetings of their committee without vaccination, so they will not be able to defend their amendments to the second reading of the budget.

In the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, we recall, they believe that vaccination should be voluntary, and criticize many antiquated measures of the authorities. At the same time, Khakassia, headed by the communist Valentin Konovalov, has introduced the country’s toughest lockdown since October 28: there is a curfew at night, and public transport has been suspended in three cities. “We do not oppose tough measures, we oppose unreasonable measures,” the secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, State Duma deputy Sergei Obukhov explained to Kommersant. These are forced measures, there is no other way out. “

The communists believe that the transfer of some of the deputies to remote work is illegal.

“They have no such rights if they (United Russia. – “B”) they are afraid with Zhirinovsky, let them leave for a remote location, ”Nikolai Kolomeitsev, the first deputy head of the Communist Party faction, told Kommersant.

“This is not about violating the rights of a deputy, but about violating the rights of voters who have chosen people, entrusted them with a mandate so that they work, change laws, make parliamentary inquiries, and so on. And any regulatory restrictions on the activities of a deputy, of course, contradict both the letter and the spirit of the law on the status of a deputy, – the communist Denis Parfenov is sure. – I hope that the leadership of the Duma will think three times before tightening the screws.

The vice-speaker of the State Duma from “New people” Vladislav Davankov told Kommersant that he also does not support the idea of ​​transferring deputies to remote work: “In Russia, vaccination is voluntary. It is impossible to amaze unvaccinated people in their rights, especially if we are talking about the work of deputies. Sending one of them to a remote location is a violation of their rights, because they will not be able to attend meetings on an equal footing with others. “

Against the background of record mortality and morbidity rates, as well as in connection with the desire of the authorities to accelerate vaccination, one should expect that every federal political player will strive to demonstrate what a useful contribution he makes to the vaccination campaign, political analyst Alexander Pozhalov argues. The Duma demonstrates that it is moving to the actual compulsion to vaccination, and this will probably be used in information work with the population as an example of the fact that the authorities themselves follow their own instructions and exhortations, the expert believes. He does not exclude that the State Duma may also have initiatives to partially transfer the plenary sessions online, as has already been done in the Moscow City Duma.

Maria Makutina, Ksenia Veretennikova



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