Deripaska will create a “think tank” to counterbalance the Central Bank

Industrialist Oleg Deripaska, who took over as head of the supervisory board of the Institute for the Economics of Growth. Stolypin, plans to create a “think tank” on the basis of the institution to develop proposals for adjusting the economic and monetary policy of Russia, a representative of the businessman told Vedomosti. Deripaska is a consistent critic of the Bank of Russia and the policy of high rates and expects to influence the situation by involving a wide range of scientists to analyze the economic situation and develop proposals, he said.

“We expect to start this work this year. We will attract both Russian and foreign economists and provide grants for research. The results of this work will be sent to the relevant departments for assessment and decision-making, ”said a representative of the businessman. He noted that the first stage of the program to support scientists-economists is designed for 3 years.

Earlier in his article for Vedomosti, Deripaska called the position of the Central Bank the main problem on the path of Russia’s economic growth. He stressed that the regulator “defiantly turned away” from the topic of increasing the state’s GDP, while in fact, together with the government, it should implement a program to increase the indicator to 300 trillion rubles. In reality, according to Rosstat, in 2020 it amounted to slightly less than 107 billion rubles, having decreased against the background of the pandemic by 3%, and in 2019 – more than 110 billion, that is, the annual growth was 1.3%.

Institute for the Economics of Growth named after Stolypin was created in 2017 on the basis of the Stolypin club to prepare a program for the development of the Russian economy until 2025.

Speaking yesterday in his new role as chairman of the supervisory board of the Stolypin Institute, Deripaska stressed that the country has “all the prerequisites for high growth rates over the next 10-12 years – low debt, professional government, strong expert community and a consolidated society that is tired of the pandemic. and wants development. “

Earlier, Deripaska noted the need to amend Federal Law No. 172 “On Strategic Planning” in order to expand the Central Bank’s mandate through indicators of economic growth and the rate of job creation.



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