DeSantis, a triumph in Florida and a promised land

DeSantis, a triumph in Florida and a promised land – Midterm’s vote is not yet consolidated, the majority of the Congress is still to be discovered, but one thing is certain: the presidential campaign starts tomorrow and starts in Florida. Donald Trump says: “A lot of good things are happening.” And if he says so, who often does bad things, then at least this is true.

There is a party in the resort of Mar-a-Lago, the election of Senator Marco Rubio and that of Ron DeSantis who makes an encore to the government of Florida, a lightning-fast victory. Rubio was The Donald’s candidate, DeSantis is the new man of the Republican Party.

The media declare the victory of DeSantis immediately after the closing of the polls, the advantage over Charlie Crist is 20%, it is the no-limits affirmation of a 44-year-old who four years earlier had won with a minimum gap of about 30 thousand votes and a recount. After his first mandate, here he is, in triumph, he also conquers two blue counties, the ‘Latin’ Miami-Dade (which had been impregnable for twenty years, the last to take it was Jeb Bush) and the progressive (and ultra-) stronghold. rich), Palm Beach.

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Ron DeSantis

Another blue cockade that turns red: the county of Osceola, with a Puerto Rican majority. “I am honored to have won your trust and support“, comments DeSantis, not only reconfirmed at the helm of the Sunshine State, but even projected (for now virtually) in the race for the White House.

2024 is near and far away at the same time. The scenario of the presidential race emerges in his hot comment: “We have not only won the elections, we have rewritten the political map”. The battle is glory in Florida, which “has remained a healthy refuge in a world that has gone insane.” And the war? There is time to declare it, if you want to, in any case the goal sooner or later will be the Presidency of the United States.

DeSantis has the votes and also the money: he ran a $ 31 million campaign, but collected 200 million in donations, the news is that he saved a treasure equal to 66 million dollars. For a presidential campaign they are a drop, but also a good start. Three times congressman, DeSantis has resigned after getting the Republican nomination for governor of Florida four years ago.

He did not have the victory in his pocket, but he managed to overcome the primary as an outsider against the candidate of the GOP establishment thanks to the endorsement of Donald Trump. He is a ‘creature’ of the former president and the mere idea that this ‘son’ could run for the White House in 2024 – for overmarket without his green light – makes him angry, to the point of baptizing him with the name of ‘Santimonious’.

DeSantis’ leadership grew during the pandemic, when it opposed mandatory vaccine and lockdowns, so Florida held its own during the crisis. His profile today is that of a ‘Trumpian’ who thinks and acts alone, maybe he has a plan, maybe not, when he took off two planes full of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, the Republican base made the wave.

midterm desantis florida presidential triumph

DeSantis e Trump

During the Trump and DeSantis election campaign they never met, held parallel rallies, but on opposite coasts. The distance between Ron and Don is there, we also saw it on the night of the triumph. Trump in Mar-a-Lago, DeSantis in Tampa where he defined his state as a “promised land”.

And again, we are in the biblical metaphor and in a higher context, the platform is Florida, the target is the nation: “Now, as our country flounders due to a failed leadership in Washington, Florida is in the right place. direction”. Address: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, White House.


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