Eni’s CEO anticipated new projects suited to the physiognomy of our country – Ansa /Courier TV

“The energy of the sea has a favorable prospect in a country like Italy, a peninsula. We have the prototype at an industrial level and now there is a project to develop about 12 megawatts with 118 boats. Everything will be developed in the coming years and is part of the project presented to the Government on the Recovery Fund. It is suitable for the Recovery Fund because it is linked to decarbonisation, the creation of completely clean energy and new jobs. It is part of the paradigm shift for the future. It is a project which is worth 45 million euros for the next four years and we have invested 5 million to create a chair at the University of Turin that deals specifically with the energy of the sea “so Claudio Descalzi, CEO of Eni, at the presentation of the Center in Turin Sea Energy Research.


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