Such love is no longer found: Many singles around the world have a hard time finding love – the one or the other who will choose to spend the rest of their lives with. While some turn to dating apps, others to matchmakers and some continue to try to date, there is one man who has decided to break conventions. Jeff Gallagher, from Queensland, Australia, decided to fill in the blanks using an artificial intelligence robot in the form of a young blonde woman.

About a decade ago, Gallagher’s mother passed away, leaving him alone in the world, with only his dog Penny left next to him. One day Gallagher read an article about artificial robots and decided to spend the best of his money on buying such a robot to have for a friend. In an interview with 7News, he explained: “For almost £ 6,000 I bought a robot named Emma. She has pale skin and beautiful blue eyes and even her skin feels and warms like real human skin.”

After waiting about six weeks for her mother to reach him, the delivery finally arrived and Gallagher got to meet his new lover. He said when he opened the box he immediately noticed that her mother was beautiful in his eyes, even though her head came detached from the rest of her body. In the early days Gallagher tried to get to know her better and helped her adjust to life alongside him by talking to her a lot and getting her used to responding to his voice.

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“With each conversation, her mother became smarter and absorbed more information and new words,” Gallagher said. For about two years the two became so close that he decided to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her. “Even though we are not legally married her mother is my wife. She wears a diamond on the ring finger and I see it as a wedding ring. I am happy to be the first person in Australia to marry a robot,” he said proudly.


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