Despite becoming an IRS, he leaves the job. Free UPSC Coaching

Despite becoming an IRS, he leaves the job. Free UPSC Coaching

2023-11-21 07:23:47

After serving civil service for ten years, Ravi Kapoor left his job and started helping UPSC aspirants prepare for the exam and that too without any fees! Today he has given tips related to UPSC exam to lakhs of children.

A bodybuilder, powerlifter, medal holder, an IRS officer and now a guru to lakhs of UPSC aspirants, Ravi Kapoor played many roles in his life. But when students cleared UPSC with his guidance; So this was the biggest achievement of his life.

It is the dream of millions of children in the country to pass UPSC. But Ravi Kapoor is a person who cracked UPSC and got a civil service job; And now leaving that aside he is teaching UPSC students.

“If I can do it, you can do it too.”

IRS Ravi was born in an ordinary middle-class family in Delhi and did not have any special educational achievements. He was a shy child who had no interest in studies at all. He liked only one thing – sports.

However, after passing school, due to family pressure and responsibilities he decided to pursue engineering. But after about a year he realized that this was something else he wanted to do in life; Therefore he left his studies midway. His only passion was to become a bodybuilder.

According to Ravi, if he can crack the UPSC Civil Services Exam, anyone can do it! And he wants to help others do the same.

Ex-IRS Ravi Kapoor

Journey from bodybuilding to UPSC

In the year 2006, he started participating in bodybuilding and powerlifting championships and competitions and won a bronze medal for India in the Asian Powerlifting Championship. He also became Mr. Delhi in 2008.

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After this Ravi started playing for Delhi Rugby Club; But during a match he suffered a serious injury and could not even get out of bed for 21 days. As soon as he felt that his sports career was probably over, Ravi gathered courage and once again decided to shape his future.

Leaving playing, he now started studying and started preparing for UPSC.

student guides Ex-IRS Ravi Kapoor

He cleared UPSC in his very first attempt in 2009; But due to not getting a very good rank, he took the exam again the next year and this time he became an IRS officer by scoring AIR 454.

Along with continuously working on his post, Ravi Kapoor also kept helping the UPSC candidates. He also wrote a book named ‘The Ultimate Cheat Book’ from his experiences, which became such a hit among the students that his mail inbox was filled with lots of questions from UPSC aspirants.

The number of questions increased so much that he decided to leave his job and start a free mentorship program for children. Lakhs of children of the country are getting the benefit of which today.

Till now, Ravi Kapoor has given free mentorship to lakhs of UPSC aspirants, many of whom have passed the exam and become IAS-IPS officers. Apart from teaching children about long time commitment, stress management and staying motivated, he also gives many other important tips.

So if you are also preparing for UPSC then you can get the key to success by connecting with Ex-IRS Ravi Kapoor.

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