About a year ago, Liora turned to the opera singer several times Daniela Logsi To get her reaction to the fact that she broke up with her husband, Omar Shuili. Lugsey denied the breakup, which of course occurred and this week she even appeared to be embracing a new boyfriend. It turns out that Shuli, a businessman who made an exit at the age of 22 and was a partner of Teddy Sagi, Stayed to live in a house in Kfar Shmaryahu and Logsi left with the children for Herzliya Pituach. The new attractive friend, Aviv SheetritIs a guide in desert workshops.
Logsey, still denies?
“I can not tell you what to write or not to write, but it is important that you have the full and accurate picture. First of all, I never denied, but simply did not respond to the message you sent me – there is a big difference between not responding and denying. I still prefer there to be no noise around The separation, which in any case causes a challenging period for all of us. “
Omar Shuili, what do you think of your estranged new boyfriend?
‘I love Daniela very much, wish her the best in the world and am glad she has a relationship. By the way, it is important to note that the parting process is done in a pleasant atmosphere and without quarrels. We both only wish each other good. ‘

Daniela Lugassi and the new friend (Photo: Facebook screenshot)

> The Man, the Hero and the Legend, Avigdor KahalaniParted this week from his much-loved symbolic age, 77.
Kahalani, the man and the sevens, what can we wish you?
‘Health and more health and that the sun will illuminate the world for me every morning. Thank you”.

Avigdor Kahalani and his friends (Photo: Ariel Beshor)Avigdor Kahalani and his friends (Photo: Ariel Beshor)

> The Hollywood Millionaire Chai VakninWho was previously badly burned by the connection to the criminal organization of Gabi Ben Harush, Continues to show signs of recovery. The guy makes a fortune in the real estate business, as a broker in huge deals of buildings and hotels in Los Angeles and Miami, and at the same time conducts himself as an exemplary family man with his wife Sivan (Formerly CC, ex-model at Ford) and their three children, but also alongside his boutique mother from San Pedro Valley, Ricky Tabachnik. Last week they celebrated his 50th birthday at the Monaco Club on Ventura Boulevard. The one who took the stage is the old friend Lior NarkisAnd in the audience were family members, businessmen and even some Hollywood celebrities.

> The daffodil also made happy along with Eden Ben Zaken, So happyEstate and more, on the stage of Aviel Wahl From Herzliya, a senior member of the coalition of the Mosley and Kotire Odeh family, who last week celebrated a bar mitzvah for his eldest son in Hall 58 in Petah Tikva in the presence of over a thousand guests from the scene, Eli Mosley and Amir (Avraham) Molner, including rabbis and yeshivot students, but also large and unidentified groups Of tense bodybuilders who came to pay their respects and bless.

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