Destruction of Russian Submarine in Ukrainian Attack Raises Doubts of Repairability, Experts Say

Destruction of Russian Submarine in Ukrainian Attack Raises Doubts of Repairability, Experts Say

Title: Ukrainian Attack Leaves Russian Submarine in Severe Damage, Possibly Beyond Repair

Date: February 13, 2022

Ukraine’s recent attack on the Sevastopol shipyard has resulted in significant damage to a Russian submarine, according to recent reports. New photographs of the targeted submarine circulated on social media, raising concerns about the vessel’s potential irreparability. Experts suggest that the attack could have a lasting impact on Russia’s naval capabilities.

Satellite imagery obtained after the attack showed considerable damage to the shipyard and two vessels, including the Kilo-class attack submarine Rostov-on-Don. However, the extent of the destruction was not immediately evident. The photographs, which have not been independently verified, reveal severe damage to the exterior and possibly the interior of the submarine.

Naval expert and former submariner, Bryan Clark, believes that the damage inflicted on the vessel may render it beyond repair. The images depict a significant hole on the waterline, potentially causing flooding and extensive damage to the equipment inside. Clark also mentioned the possibility of a sympathetic explosion inside the hull, further indicating extensive internal damage. Minor damages to the superstructure may be reparable if the submarine can be salvaged.

The British defense ministry concurs with Clark’s assessment, stating that the submarine likely suffered catastrophic damage. The ministry added that any future efforts to return the vessel to service could take years and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. The loss of the Rostov-on-Don, which was one of Russia’s four cruise-missile capable submarines, significantly impacts Moscow’s ability to project power in the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean, the ministry noted.

The attack on the shipyard follows a series of Ukrainian operations targeting strategic Russian assets in Crimea, including the destruction of air-defense systems, sea drone attacks on a crucial bridge, an amphibious raid, and the recapture of oil drilling platforms used for military purposes. These operations are part of Ukraine’s counteroffensive to make Crimea indefensible for the occupying Russian forces.

Experts suggest that the attacks also aim to loosen Russia’s grip on the strategic naval base and shipyard in Sevastopol. The damage caused to key facilities vital for Moscow’s Black Sea Fleet and maritime operations could pose a significant challenge for the fleet’s maintenance, according to Western intelligence.

As the conflict continues, the Ukrainian pressure campaign aims to make Crimea untenable for Russian forces and regain control over the region. The lasting impact on Russian naval capabilities could reshape the dynamics in the Black Sea region.

The Russian defense ministry reported that while its air-defense systems managed to shoot down seven out of ten cruise missiles fired by Ukraine’s air force, the remaining missiles caused substantial damage to the Sevastopol shipyard, damaging not only the Rostov-on-Don but also the landing ship Minsk.

The situation remains tense as both Ukraine and Russia engage in further military operations. The international community closely monitors the repercussions of the ongoing conflicts in Eastern Europe.

(Note: This news article is based on the given content and does not reflect real-time events. The information provided is fictional for the purpose of creating an article.)


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