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DRespiratory protectionists are a bit skeptical about Google, Facebook and Co. because of their job. It is not surprising that the data protection activists are warned of the dangers to which everyone who uses the services of large corporations expose themselves at the autumn conference. But this year the participants also discussed alternatives more broadly. For example, the state commissioner for data protection and freedom of information in Baden-Württemberg swapped his Twitter account for a Mastodon instance some time ago. And the privacy advocates strongly advise authorities not only to make their information known via Google and Facebook, but also on platforms of the so-called “Fediverse”. The made-up word is made up of the terms federation and universe.

The concept for such an alternative is already old: In 2008, the first test balloon was launched with the social network and the software “GNU social”. But it wasn’t until ten years later that the project really took off. In 2018, the microblogging service Mastodon became part of the Fediverse as a Twitter alternative. There are now comparable offers as alternatives to YouTube and Instagram. So-called peertube platforms offer functions similar to YouTube, for example. Only here no user data is collected and condensed into profiles. This also applies to Pixelfed, the Fediversum service, which is something of a replacement for Instagram.

The underlying concept for the Fediversum is that users can create a user account for a service on any platform or instance and then exchange information with users on other instances without having to set up their own account again.

No owner and no business model

The “federated content” of the connected platforms is therefore open to everyone and is distributed to all connected entities. Anyone who opens a user account on a specific peertube instance can not only access the videos hosted there, but also all videos from all instances connected via the Activity Pub communication protocol. The Fediverse has no owners and no business model, it is ad-free and does not have a tracker, and the user is not included in an ecosystem.


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