Deutsche Bank and European banks caught up in the crisis

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German Chancellor Olad Scholz assured that the banking system in Europe was stable. KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP

ANALYSE – The German bank plunged on the stock market on Friday, dragging down other banking stocks in Europe.

No respite for the banking sector. After the United States and Switzerland, it is now the euro zone’s turn to worry the financial markets. In a context of extreme nervousness surrounding the banks, Deutsche Bank swayed on the stock market on Friday (-8.5% at the close, after -15% in the session), dragging down its competitors from the Old Continent. In Paris, Societe Generale lost 6.13% and BNP Paribas 5.27%, while the CAC 40 dropped 1.73%.

Even in a hectic context for the banking sector for two weeks, this new stock market debacle seems irrational. Deutsche Bank, in great difficulty for several years, has, in fact, managed two years ago to raise the bar at the cost of major restructuring. Last year, it generated 5.03 billion euros in net profit. A performance that it had not achieved for fifteen years and which allows it to no longer be considered a weak link in the banking system.

To reassure the markets…

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