Deutsche Post is preparing for more than 60 percent postal voters

Dhe Post is preparing for this year’s Bundestag election for significantly more postal voters than in the 2017 Bundestag election. “We’ll see whether that will be in the high 40s percent range or even in the 50s percent range,” said Tobias Meyer, Board Member for Post and Parcel Germany, to the newspapers of the Funke media group on Thursday. “We are also prepared in the event that more than 60 percent of voters use postal voting.”

The Board of Management of Swiss Post expects that the highest volume of letters will take place shortly before the election. For the actual election Sunday, Deutsche Post will use “separate processes”, announced Meyer. On the days before, there will be more checks to ensure that the mailboxes are not overcrowded. “We will specifically check that nothing really is left behind,” Meyer told the papers.

Safer than registered mail

He advises voters who want to be on the safe side from sending the letters as registered mail, Meyer said. “The documents should be returned as they are intended, since the extradition procedures are coordinated with the authorities.”

In operational terms, postal voting is not a major challenge for Deutsche Post. “We deliver around 50 million letters a day,” said Meyer. “Even if the number of postal voters doubles to 26 million compared to 2017, the delivery and return of all letters from postal voters would correspond to around a regular daily volume.” The general election will take place on September 26th.



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