Devolver Digital’s heartwarming clown story “Dropsy” has been well received, and the Nintendo Switch version is officially launched today!

The scary and cute clown is ready to spread the joy and love for Switch players! Produced by internationally renowned independent game publisher Devolver Digital and well-known European and American game developer Jay Tholen, “Dropsy” was officially launched on Nintendo Switch today, priced at US$9.99 (equivalent to about NT$310). This is a heartwarming story about the clown Dropsy’s search for himself. With just one click, you can go everywhere to collect warm hugs. It has been highly praised by media comments and the player community.

Originally released in 2015, Dropsy is click-forward but not traditional at all, and players take on the role of a completely carefree clown, exploring a world full of looks and characters. There are all kinds of dark secrets growing in this world, all you need to do is to share more hugs on your journey.

In the aftermath of the circus of death, Dropsy encounters a peculiar character in his quest to find his name, communicating thanks to his special emoji. Piece together all the plot clues, try to solve various complex puzzles, and find Dropsy and his mysterious past covered up will be your goal. Through quick thinking, warm hugs and help from animal friends, Dropsy can overcome those evils and win the hearts of everyone around.

Rather than leading players into a single, narrative story, Dropsy is more like an open world, inviting everyone to easily and freely choose what they want to try and experience, and to assemble and interpret all the collected pieces by individuals A unique look. In addition to porting to Nintendo Switch today, a new storyline and a new “Embrace Fragment” are opened, which can be experienced by PC and Switch dual-platform players.

Are you ready to embark on a journey and embrace this colorful world? Follow the official game website, Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) and developer Jay Tholen (@jaytholen) on twitter for the latest news on Dropsy. “Dropsy” has opened a new game story line and is officially on the Nintendo Switch, priced at US$9.99 (equivalent to about NT$310).

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