It was announced yesterday that the release date of ‘Aingaran’, directed by Ravi Arasu and starring Jivi Prakash, was scheduled to be released on May 6, but the release date was abruptly postponed at the last minute. According to the crew, the film has not been released due to some issues but a new release date will be announced soon.

In this context, a few hours ago, GV Prakash had announced on his Twitter page that all the problems for the film ‘Aingaran’ were over and that Dhanush would announce the release date of the film at 4 pm.

Earlier in the day, Dhanush had said on his Twitter page that ‘Aingaran’ would be released on May 12 and congratulated him on the success of the film as it had already received positive reviews. Following this, the release date of ‘Aingaran’ has been confirmed for May 12.

The film stars Jivi Prakash, Magima Nambiar, Madonna Sebastian, Yogi Babu among others.

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