Dhanush changed the song ‘Nila atu vanathu mele’ for his sons: Ilayaraja applauded: Video-Dinamani

Ilayaraja’s ‘Rock with Raja’ concert was held in Chennai yesterday (March 18). Thousands of fans attended the event and watched Ilayaraja’s concert.

At this stage actor Dhanush attended the show along with his sons Yatra and Linga. Dhanush then took to the stage, changed the lyrics of the song ‘Nila Atu Vanathumele’ for his sons and sang the lullaby ‘Kan Mudi Thunkidu Poovizhi Mane’.

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Both of his sons listened intently to it. When Dhanush finished singing, Ilayaraja applauded. Dhanush fans are sharing this event as a video.

Ilayaraja first composed the tune for director Mani Ratnam for the song ‘Thenpandi Seemaiyile’ which will be the lullaby in the film ‘Nayagan’.

But Mani Ratnam asked Nila to change the tune into a dance and Nila used it in the film as a song above the sky. It is noteworthy that Ilayaraja has been sharing this with the fans on various occasions.


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