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Dhanush has dropped a bombshell saying that his wife Aishwarya is also getting divorced due to disagreement. Dhanush made his debut with the youthful film Tulluvatho directed by Annan Selvaragavan. Being skinny, he was initially terribly ridiculed.

Dhanush is currently one of the leading actors in Tamil cinema starring in Hollywood films due to his hard work. Dhanush, who is currently giving consecutive hit films, has officially stated on his social media sites that they are going to divorce his wife.

What Dhanush has announced in the announcement is that Dhanush and his ex-wife Aishwarya Rajinikanth have posted a similar statement saying, “We have been living as husband and wife for 18 years and now we have decided to get divorced for some unavoidable reason but we are still going to be friends” Om Namasivaya.

The couple has been living separately for the past few months, citing compliance with the Covid Protocols. But, no one expected the Climax to be like this. The world knows how good Rajini is but it is sad to think of how he will handle the divorce of his daughters

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