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Srikanth, who made his debut in Rojakuttam in April, became famous as a chocolate boy hero with films such as Manassellam, Parthiban Kanam, and then became an action hero with Varnajam and Bose.

Even though Srikanth has been acting in a couple of films every year for the past 10 years, he has not had a single film to give him a break. He also acted in some Telugu films. This year’s film Maha and Kafi with Kadhal also did not give a hand.

The film in which he acted in this situation is Deengrai. In this film he is acting opposite Vetri. Apoorva Rao and Smruti Venkat are playing the female lead. Directed by debutant director Prakash Raghavadas.

Psycho is a crime thriller in Jarner. The shooting of the film is over and the final stages are underway. The crew has decided to release the film soon. It seems that it will come out in January. Srikanth is confident that this film will start the success story of 2023.

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