Dhoni in CSK squad for next 3 seasons … Who are the other players to be retained?

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It has been reported that the CSK team will retain Tala Dhoni for the next 3 IPL series. Similarly Rishabh Pund is expected to continue as the captain of the Delhi Capitals team.

KL Rahul is expected to lead Sanjay Goenka’s Lucknow team, with the Punjab Kings releasing Rahul, according to an English daily. CSK also retains all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja along with Dhoni. CSK team current star Rudraj Kejriwal is also being retained.

According to BCCI rules each team can retain 4 players. CSK is also in talks with UK all-rounder Moin Ali, according to English media reports. Since the next IPL will be held in India, it seems that he will be the one to suffer the sluggish pitfalls here.

The teams must announce the list of players they will retain by November 30th. Fans need to realize that Dhoni is not related to cricket, he is a brand, he has that value, so he takes 0 off 10 balls 18 balls should not murmur that he could not hit a four, everything is just that Dhoni is a brand name in the corporate arena.

We look at the ads and buy the soap, the ad says the properties of lemon, say the corona is anti-virus. Can we say that we have been deceived by advertising after we have used it? Similarly, Dhoni has gone uphill all the time as a cricketer. He is a brand.

Retained players (approximately):

Chennai Super Kings: Dhoni, Jadeja, Rudraj Kejriwal, Moin Ali / Sam Karan

Delhi Capitals: Rishabh Pund, Prithviraj Shah, Akshar Patel, Anrich Nordye.

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Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma, Jaspreet Bumra, Pollard (talk), Ishan Kishan (maybe retained)

Kolkata Knight Riders: Sunil Narine, Andre Russell.

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