Diario Co Latino – Informing you with Credibility

Diario Co Latino – Informing you with Credibility

2023-05-29 13:22:13

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Manuel Flores and Warner Marroquín registered in the internal process of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) as pre-candidates for the presidency and vice-presidency of the Republic, respectively, for the 2024 elections.

In his first words as a candidate, Manuel Flores said that they have accepted “the challenge” of the bases, of the ex-combatants and war veterans, but, above all, “of the heroes and martyrs who offered their lives for this transformative process that brought peace, which has allowed many today to govern from the Legislative Assembly, Presidency or mayoralties, because we had the courage to face the military dictatorship”.

Flore said that they are going to “fight” to prevent authoritarianism from reaching El Salvador, “the people must be free to express their opinion, to move and not be persecuted for thinking differently.” In addition, the now pre-candidate said that his party must guarantee that the corrupt do not run under his flag. “That must be a challenge, because if we are going to fight the corruption of this government, we must be prepared to fight any type of corruption.” His candidacy said that it was presented after listening to the bases of the FMLN, at the same time he urged its members to be united. “We are aware of the challenge, it is a memorable date because they made the FMLN dead (but) it is more alive than ever,” Flores said.

Warner Marroquín, trade unionist and resident abroad, added that the country is experiencing an important moment in its history because it is necessary to “re-route” democracy and the country, since with the arrival of Bukele to power democracy is not going through its best moment , since it has undermined it to extreme levels.

“The FMLN is in a moment of regrouping of its structure (…) the FMLN is alive and organized throughout the Salvadoran nation and the world, because our organization does not end at the national borders,” added Marroquín.

The press that came to the registration of the candidacy and the conference, questioned the formula about the alleged discussions that political parties (including the FMLN, Vamos and Arena) have held to support a single candidacy. To which Flores replied, “those who know exactly how the party works are the ones who know its statutes and letter of principles. Those who know how the party works are those who have participated in the national conventions where decisions were made; In the last national convention on December 11, 2022, the decision was not to form a coalition with ARENA, GANA and Nuevas Ideas; That is an order that we are going to comply with.”

After registering, the formula gives a press conference to give details about their plans in the FMLN. Photo: Diario Co Latino / Courtesy.

On this issue, days ago, the general secretary of the leftist political institute, Oscar Ortiz, said that the mandates of the national convention are clear, one of them is not to form coalitions with GANA, Nuevas Ideas and ARENA.

Manuel Flores was also questioned about the economic aspect and how he will face the campaign, taking into account that the political debt was not delivered by the Government. “The people will support him, I am sure that the people will finance our campaign, it’s that simple. I am not going to look for a sponsor to later give an account, ”he said.

Regarding the support that he might or might not receive from civil society and organizations, Flores recalled that they have experience since 1993. “We know how the people have supported us; (during) the first election for the presidency, mayors and representatives in 1994, we made bean soup with rice for the people who took care of the tables, while ARENA brought them chicken (…) or hamburgers, that was the reality and we cooked with firewood on the premises, we are not afraid of that, and if there is a need to do so, we will cook the food on the premises”.

Silvia Cartagena, from the FMLN electoral commission, reported that at the moment only Manuel Flores and Werner Marroquín have registered as pre-candidates for the presidency and vice presidency. In the FMLN, Cayetano Cruz has registered as a candidate for mayor of Soyapango. While on the side of the Legislative Assembly, Anabel Belloso and Dina Argueta have registered to opt for a new term.

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