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2023-05-28 14:11:23

May 28, 2023

Diary of Thouqan Obeidat

Thouqan Obeidat

It started early on the phone from the great journalist, Mahmoud
Al-Huwaiyan said: I hope you will be my guest on the program with events
Between 9-10 am!
Let’s talk about education, the factors of its decline, and ways to develop it

I told him: These days the Jordanians
They are happy about national occasions, and they do not want to hear unpleasant analyzes
He said: On the contrary, in the celebration, Jordanians must hear frank words!
I told him: and celebrate? He said I promise
The interview included songs of joy on the occasion of the marriage of His Highness the Crown Prince!
We agreed, and on time it was their youth
Ready, I entered the studio, dressed
Headphones like spacemen!
He began, as usual, bold and vigorous, mentioning all the signs of retardation in education, and raising questions
A task that no one dares to answer except in a democratic country!!!
Ask: Do we have educational leaders? where are they? Do we have visionaries? where are they?
Why? And why? And why?
I answered: we have many! But where are they
So I tell you what the thinker Hassan Hanafi said when they “killed” his friend
Nasr Hamed Abu Zeid! cut me off And what did Hanafi say? I answered: the best
To fall victim to silence than to be a victim of audacity and food for the ready snipers of influence and influence grabbers!
So I decided to say:
I will not tell you who appoints officials
educators? And who emptied the Ministry of Education and the Education Councils from the visionaries? Who appoints the various boards of education?
I will not tell you that the Ministry of Education, throughout its history until the nineties, used to supply state agencies and issue leaders to them!!! And I will not tell you that education is almost devoid of those who lead its apparatus after they used to fill the state with leaders!
the important! I spoke without spoiling the joy of the Jordanians!
I talked about curricula we missed the opportunity to develop! And about stagnant minds instead
From stagnant specialties!
We talked together about the concerns of education
And societal restrictions imposed under the pretexts of morals and others! We talked
Everything, but I remained committed
By virtue of silence!!

(. ٢. )
Neighbor and I
As soon as I got back from the radio even
Neighbor Saeed Ezzat called to ask
“Apricot” Consultation! After doing the duty and providing advice which
It was: By God, I would have seen an apricot that was about to be harvested! And you picked it up!!
The important thing is that we sat drinking tea in the garden, and I complained to him about it
The table was “overloaded” and we did not improve its installation!! And without discussion I saw the neighbor
He rolled up his sleeves, asked for screwdrivers and screws, and used me
as a workshop boy; screwdriver pocket! no mo this! …..etc. I am going to bring his orders; the important
Persist, follow through, and get the job done! thanks to him
certainly ; This is not as important as:
They taught us sixteen years, and they spoiled us
They beat us up and paid high fees
And we forgot everything we learned! Wasn’t it appropriate for the educational curricula or taught us?
How do we do light maintenance?
A visitor came and said: What methodologies are you talking about, and what are you looking for?

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