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The fire that occurred at noon on the balcony of a house in the park in Or Yehuda was probably caused as a result of a burning cigarette. The Ono and Bnei Brak District Fire Brigades stated that this was the main direction of the investigation that was being examined.

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As we reported earlier, residents managed to contain the fire and extinguish it completely even before the firefighters arrived at the scene.

Videos that reached the Ono News system show that burning smoking products are being thrown in the neighborhood.

Heli Mesika, a resident of the neighborhood, says that a few months ago, a burning coke of a hookah was thrown from one of the balconies towards her garden apartment. “I suddenly smelled something burning,” says Heli. “When I went out I saw my two-year-old son advancing towards the burning object and luckily he did not have time to pick it up or put it in his mouth. When I approached I saw that it was a hookah embers that was still burning.”

But this is not the last case. Heli describes and documents another case right from the last week in which a burning cigarette that was thrown landed right on her baby stroller that was sitting in the backyard at the time.

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