Did Macron really wear an “80,000 euro” watch during his interview?

Did Macron really wear an “80,000 euro” watch during his interview?

“He puts it in scred, you see, and there he has no more watch…” In videos that have circulated a lot on social networks, Internet users wonder about Emmanuel Macron’s choice to remove his watch in the middle of an interview. at 13 Hours of TF1 and France 2, even as he evokes the very controversial pension reform and the purchasing power of the French.

“When talking about smicards Who have never gained so much purchasing power, he discreetly removes his pretty luxury watch from under the table. Like LFI MP Clémence Guetté, or MEP Gilbert Collard, several opposition politicians relayed the content on Twitter. For some, no doubt, it is in fact to hide a luxury watch. “He said to himself, maybe it’s not terrible to have an 80,000 (euro) watch in front of toothless people,” quipped a surfer.

For the entourage of the Head of State, questioned by France info, the explanation is much simpler: “The president does not take off his watch for the sake of concealing it but because he had just banged it brutally against the table. “A small noise that can be annoying, amplified by the microphones, during an interview.

A watch over 2,400 euros

“The President of the Republic wears a Bell & Ross BR V1-92 personalized with the coat of arms of the Republic”, adds one of his relatives questioned by Release. “He wears it very regularly”, he adds, specifying that the manufacturer has partnerships with many institutions including the army and the security group of the Presidency of the Republic.

It is possible to see this watch on his wrist during the World Cup final in Qatar, when Macron tries to console Kylian Mbappé after the defeat of the Blues against Argentina. It is displayed at 2,400 euros on the site of the French watchmaking house, in a non-personalized version.


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