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Kochi: It is learned that Mofia had revealed to some of her classmates that she was a victim of brutal torture. According to Mofia, Suhail himself is planning to marry a whiter girl. Not giving in to sexual perversions also led to harassment. He liked to use henna but did not agree with the green tattoo. Suhail wanted a green tattoo on his private part. It is learned that he had told his friends that he was being harassed for not agreeing to it. Many students were devastated by the death of Mofia, who had maintained close contact with her classmates.

The police remand report confirms Mofia’s words. According to the police’s remand report, Mofia was brutally beaten at her husband’s house. The girl was brutally beaten for dowry and portrayed as mentally ill. The husband’s mother was constantly harassed. According to the report, her husband Suhail abused her like a slave and sexually abused her. Police are filing an application in court today to remand the accused in custody. Questioning and taking of evidence will follow. The court remanded Suhail, his father and mother for 14 days.

Meanwhile, at 8 am on Friday, Minister P. Rajiv went to Mofia’s house and talked to his parents. Dilshad, Mofia’s father, said the chief minister had assured action against the police officer in the incident. When the minister reached home, he called the Chief Minister on the phone. He also told Manorama Online that he has been given a phone number to call the Chief Minister directly in case of any objections related to the investigation of the case. The government is with the family and their feelings. Rajeev responded. There will be strict action in the case of CI. He said there would be no compromise in this regard and justice would be ensured for the family.

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The protest by the Congress at the Ernakulam East police station continues. Today, KPCC President K. Sudhakaran and Leader of the Opposition V.D. Satheesan is also coming to Aluva. The Congress will hold another protest march at 3 pm.

English Summary: Mofiya Parveen revealed cruelties of husband to her friends


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