Did Recep Tayyip Erdogan humiliate Vladimir Putin?

Tensions between Erdogan and Putin? Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who visited Sochi in Russia last Friday, refused to have a joint dinner with Putin, according to a report in the Russian media. The Turkish president decided not to stay for dinner, even though it had already been prepared by the Russian president’s staff, and “suffered during the four hours with coffee and tea only,” according to the report.

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Also, according to the report, Erdogan canceled the press conference planned for him together with Putin, and even reduced the photo session with him to the minimum possible. Several photos of the two were taken by only one photographer, and the Turkish president returned to Turkey almost immediately after the meeting between the two ended.

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The meeting between the two presidents dealt with the war situation in Ukraine, and the implementation of the grain agreement signed between Russia and Ukraine, mediated by Turkey. It seems that despite the continuous contacts that the two have recently, their relations, at least on Erdogan’s part, are not particularly warm.

During their stay in Tehran about two weeks ago, the Turkish president made Putin wait for him alone in front of the cameras, for about 50 seconds. According to various claims made on the subject, it is possible that this is Erdogan’s revenge on Putin, after he waited for him for two minutes at their meeting about two years ago.


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