Did you remember too late? The 97-year-old Nazi “regrets the atrocities”

Irmgard Forchner, a 97-year-old Nazi who served as the extermination camp secretary, is on trial for her role in the murder of more than 10,000 people, most of them Jews. During the trial, she spoke for the first time this week, saying that she “regrets the horrors caused to the prisoners.”

Irmagard Forchner arrived in court last Tuesday, where she stood trial for being a secretary at the Stutthof concentration camp in Poland from June 1943 to April 1945.

According to German law, anyone who helped the Nazi death camps operate, even if they did not work directly there, is responsible for the crimes committed there. Irmgard Forchner is the first woman to be tried in Germany for crimes from the Nazi era in decades. The elderly woman is known in the German media as “the secretary of evil”, she is being tried as a teenager because she was under 21 when she worked in the camp.

“I regret being in Stutthof at that time,” said the elderly Nazi. Despite receiving daily briefings from the camp’s commander, Paul Werner Hoffa, Irmgard Forchner previously denied that she knew about the murderous goals of the Stutthof camp. But the testimony of her husband, who died years ago, reveals that he was aware that people were dying from gas in the camp.

Despite this, last week the Nazi’s lawyers called for her to be acquitted, saying that evidence did not prove “beyond any doubt” that she was aware of the murders. Meanwhile, the prosecutors demanded a two-year suspended sentence for the symbolism, the verdict will be announced on December 20.

As I remember last September, one survivor – Risa Zilbert, 93 years old, said at the trial of the Nazi that cannibalism was commonplace among starving prisoners. “Starving prisoners in a Nazi concentration camp ate body parts of dead prisoners to stay alive, prisoners became cannibals on a daily basis, and often opened corpses to remove the liver,” according to the horrific testimony in the German court.


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