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Schumann Gill, who claims Kyle Jamison was the best bowler in the first day of the India-New Zealand Kanpur Test, said he did not expect the ball to reverse swing so soon.

Schupman Gill was bowled out for 52 by Kyle Jamieson’s inswinger after the lunch break, which was called a reverse swing by Schubman Gill. But the first ball of the over was a reverse swing, and Kyle Jamison put his hand on his head to see it hit the bat without hitting the leg.

Schubman Gill was half-crossed across the front of the leg and would not have been bowled if he had fully stretched or given no space between the bat and the calf, and the ball bounced off the inner edge of the bat.

Commenting on this, Schubman Gill said, “Kyle Jamison threw brilliantly in the first spell. He threw me in good length after lunch. Those overs were wonderfully set for him. That too did not expect Jameson to make a reverse swing of the ball as soon as it came after the meal break.

This is what Test cricket is all about, we have to predict the pitch fast. In this innings I did not predict the balls as always. Do not expect the ball to be reversed. The reason I was able to play the spinners well is because I play against Aswin, Jadeja, Akshar Patel in web training.

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I’m also in the middle order. Playing in the middle order is not only psychological but also strategic. Rahul Dravid has been with us throughout U-19. Rahul Dravid has been in not only the World Cup but all the U-19 tournaments and now his training is helping, ”said Schubmann Gill.

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