Didn’t he want to find a woman on “Love Island”?: Celebrity son Hannes fumbles himself to sleep | Entertainment

Didn’t he want to find a woman on “Love Island”?: Celebrity son Hannes fumbles himself to sleep |  Entertainment

2023-09-23 01:23:17

New bombshells shake up “Love Island”, crackling desire is in the air. Nevertheless, an amazing couple formed in the middle: Evi (28) and Jan found each other through astrology!

Their shared star sign brought hearts to their eyes. After all, the fact that they are both Aries cannot be a coincidence. The two promptly cuddled through the night and were allowed to go on a date together after the erotic “Raunchy Race” match.

While Evi admitted that she had been waiting for Jan for a long time, the astrology Cupid had also hit him right in the heart: “It just fits. We are the only rams who match!”

Hannes fumbles himself to sleep

Things also got romantic between celebrity son Hannes Mörl (24) and… Hannes! Intending to tell his Vani (24) a bedtime story, the proud penis pump owner’s hand slid into his underpants and fumbled with whatever his imagination could imagine.

Protected by a sleep mask, Vani couldn’t see any of it, but the next day the son of pop singer Markus Mörl enthusiastically raved: “You’re the only one I find interesting!”

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Alessandra (26) had actually just found her match in Fabi (25) – but Grenade Leandro (23) looks incredibly similar to the Islander! That seemed to get Alessa going. A sizzling date and a hot dance on the roof terrace caused horror among the “Love Island” residents.

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Jenny in particular had figured out her chances with Leandro and was now looking down the tubes: “Alessa is stealing the guy from me!” Jeanine (27) also said: “There are people who constantly need attention. And in the end they don’t mean it.”

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Viewer unpacks about Fabi

But things suddenly turned at a patent-leather party! The production surprised the Islanders with the message: “Warm greetings from the Internet.” Little by little, the residents had to reveal what comments viewers had made about them.

► While Evi was happy about kind words from a fan, a revelation about Fabi caused a shock. She wrote: “Fabi and Alessa are two absolute red flags. A few days ago the guy told my girlfriend something about having children and building a house!”

The shock was written all over Alessa’s face. This could still be fun.

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