Diego Maradona | ‘Mouth covered and sexually assaulted’; Cuban woman with allegations against Maradona

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Cuban woman accuses football legend Diego Maradona of sexual misconduct. The 37 – year – old Mavis Alvarez has been charged with felony criminal mischief. Alvarez has revealed that Maradona himself was raped 20 years ago during his teens.

The woman’s accusation comes just days before the one – year anniversary of Maradona’s death. Alvarez has been charged with sexual harassment in connection with a case in court in Argentina.

The woman also alleged that Maradona detained her at a hotel in Buenos Aires for weeks against her will. Alvarez also revealed that he had a hard time coming to the country where Maradona is hailed as a legend. Relations with Maradona have been strained due to the close relationship between Fidel Castro and Cuban President Maradona. According to the woman, she had been in a relationship with Maradona for five years.

He was only 16 years old at the time. Mavis also accused Maradona of abducting him during his childhood. The incident took place in 2001. Maradona was 40 at the time. Alvarez said Maradona was raped at a clinic in Havana.

‘Maradona, who is addicted to drugs, first met the star when he arrived in Cuba for treatment. He spent time at a clinic in Havana. His mother was in treatment in the next room. Maradona covered his mouth. And then raped. Can’t even think about it. He stole his childhood. It took years to recover from that trauma, ”said Mavis Alvarez.

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