Digital, beanTech launches the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

The digital transformation of companies also involves sustainable development plans, industrial design without CO2 waste and greater technological reliability of remote workstations. This is the promise of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructuredel (Vdi) launched by beanTech, lFriulian company specializing in digital transformation for businesses. This new Italian digital technology also allows companies and industrial designers to work in smart working by accessing from any mobile device connected to the internet and taking advantage of ‘virtual workstations’ in safety thanks to the high data control guaranteed by the VDI.

And the innovation of beantech’s VDI comes at a historic moment for remote work. If in 2019 the share of people who normally or occasionally worked from home in Italy was 4.8%, among the lowest in Europe, theo scenario has in fact changed with the pandemic, causing a strong acceleration in the spread of remote work with a forecast, photographed dto the Smart Working Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, of 5.3 million remote workers in the ‘new normal’. However, beanTech technologists underline that the adoption of massive smart working has highlighted “various technological weaknesses, especially in the industry and design sector, consequently leading many companies to invest in hardware systems, as well as PCs, tablets and connections. to enable a larger number of employees to work with compatible businesses “.

The new beanTech technology provides, in particular, an innovative solution based on Dell Technologies servers, VMware virtualization software and Nvidia Virtual Gpu technology that it allows to centralize the computing power of traditional graphic workstations in the company data center thus also increasing performance, efficiency and reducing costs. “Thanks to Vdi technology, all files and projects remain saved in the data center, improving the security of the entire organization. The IT department – they report from beanTech – can therefore flexibly manage the creation and deployment of any new workstation, centralizing all installation, maintenance and updating interventions, and reducing any operation to a few minutes, even on hundreds of workstations “.

But the strengths of beanTech’s graphic VDI ​​are also the lower environmental impact with respect to the choice of maintaining the physical workstations of the designers. “The Vdi technology and the internal skills, associated with those of the partner, have allowed, during the pandemic crisis, to safely and successfully manage the business continuity of our Engineering resources on 3 continents” underlines Alberto Antonini, CIO of Oerlikon HrsFlow , the multinational that has just tested the new Italian beanTech technology.

Luca Degano, beanTech Sales & Marketing Director, finally points out that “VDI has satisfied the primary requirements of the need for innovation, finding itself also a concrete and real response even to unpredictable events, such as the forced need to make the work of a technical office ‘remote’ during the pandemic.


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