Digital gender equality, Italy queuing up in Europe. Fault of families and schools-

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In the digital world, gender equality in Italy is even more distant than equality in the real world. Our country ranks 25 among 28 European countries, 12 positions below the European average and ahead of only Greece, Romania and Bulgaria, according to the study The digital gender gap, carried out by Universit Bocconi and Plan International with the support of UniCredit Foundation, the corporate foundation of the Group.

In the professions related to cloud computing 83% of workers are men, 81% in engineering and 69% in data engineering. This happens although both men and especially women perceive technology as an opportunity, the study highlights.

The digital gender divide is not only a violation of the right of girls and women to information, participation and economic empowerment through technologies, but also a lost opportunity to develop the potential of women and girls in the digital world , says Concha Lopez, CEO of the NGO Plan International Italia.

The disconnect between a positive perception of technology and the tendency that girls are five times less likely than boys to pursue a career in technology begins in the family, where the ability of girls in science is culturally underestimated, and continues to school, underlines Paola Profeta, director of the Axa Research Lab on Gender Equality at Bocconi University.

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