Digital, over 60% of Italian SMEs attentive to innovation

Innovation is conquering ever larger spaces in Italian companies, even among small ones

businesses up to 5 employees. According to an analysis by Aruba-Idc, 60% (60.5%) of Small and Medium Enterprises with 1 to 5 employees say they are attentive to innovation. The investigation reveals a particulate attention especially within the more structured SMEs, that is, with between 6 and 20 employees, who say they are “very attentive” to the issue in 71.6% of cases. The study – which shows the evolution of SMEs and the growth of digitization thanks to the Pec, the Certified Electronic Mail – also shows other positive data: 60% of the companies involved adapt quickly to new ways of working digitally and 75 % focuses on finding new solutions to improve their daily work.

The largest Italian cloud provider and active in data center services, web hosting, e-mail, Pec and domain registration, and Idc, a global company specializing in market intelligence, advisory services and event organization in the digital and ICT sector, they wanted to investigate on the “level of digitization achieved by Italian small and medium-sized enterprises and understand how one of the key tools of digital transformation, namely the Pec, is supporting them in this path “.

According to Istat data, there are over 200,000 SMEs in Italy, “a figure that demonstrates how these realities really represent the national entrepreneurial fabric” observe the analysts of Aruba and Idc. Nonetheless, they add, “there is still a tendency to believe that digitization in a small company lags behind the enterprise level” but the data collected shows that this is not really the case. The new research from Aruba and Idc involved a sample of 300 small and medium-sized enterprises in the various sectors – industry, commerce, finance, professional services, personal services and local public administration.

“Change is no longer as scary as it used to be: almost 85% of the market examined in the survey shows substantial openness with respect to the theme of innovation “comments Gabriele Sposato, Marketing Director of Aruba.” The sudden need for digitization due to the health emergency has increased awareness among SMEs linked to the importance of innovative tools to face their work and it is only 15% to express some reservations for change, even before innovation “underlines the manager.

Therefore, a large part of the sample interviewed is sensitized to the importance of innovation within the life of the company. This is largely due to the Trust Services – including Pec, digital signature and electronic invoicing – which during the pandemic they have supported millions of companies and individuals by facilitating operations and communications that in times of lockdown would have been difficult or even impossible.

In detail, the Pec was considered important for the digitization of their business by over 80% of the interviewees. Not only that, the survey showed that 98.5% of companies use the Pec on a continuous basis, with an interesting frequency of use: 82% use it at least once a week. The companies that belong to the finance, local public administration and commerce sectors are those that declare a more frequent use; on the contrary, industry and services (professional and personal) are the sectors with a slightly lower frequency of use.


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