Dileep And Family’s Then And Now Photo Shared By Fan Club Goes Viral

Dileep And Family’s Then And Now Photo Shared By Fan Club Goes Viral

Actor Dileep’s family has the most audience attention in Kerala. Dileep family pictures are rarely seen on social media. Sometimes when Dileep arrives with his family at the events of filmmakers, its pictures go viral. Recently, the video and pictures of Dileep and his family attending the birthday party of director Arun Gopi’s twins went viral.

Every Onam, Dileep shares family related pictures. Dileep is an actor who is known as a popular hero in Malayalam cinema. A section of the audience turned against Dileep only after controversies etc.

After breaking up with Manju Warrier, Dileep lived only for his daughter for a few years. Later in 2016 Kavya married Madhavan with the consent of her daughter Meenakshi. At that time, Kavya Madhavan’s first marriage was broken.

Now two pictures of Dileep and his family in 2019 and 2023 are going viral on the fan page. 2019 is a family picture taken for second daughter Mahalakshmi’s birthday. 2023 is a recent image.

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The audience is also comparing the changes in both the films. Daughter Mahalakshmi grew up. Dileep was shocked. Kavya’s face has also changed in a small way. Meenakshi, the eldest daughter, has not undergone significant changes. Meenakshi still has an innocent smile then and now. Meenakshi is a popular actress.

Meenakshi herself took the decision that her father was going with Dileep when her father and mother separated. Even when her father was involved in controversies, Meenakshi did not waver by standing by Katta.

Meenakshi is not very active on social media like other actresses. Meenakshi rarely shares pictures and photos. Fans are of the opinion that Meenakshi looks like her mother Manju even though her father is a child. Meenakshi, who is studying medicine in Chennai, often shares dancing videos on social media.

After five years Mahalakshmi. Mahalakshmi’s sister Meenakshi, who is called Mamati, is her best company. Meenakshi’s love for her sister is evident in her social media posts.

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After marrying Dileep, Kavya Madhavan is away from acting. Kavya returned to acting after her divorce. Maybe Kavya didn’t try to shake the dust of acting because her daughter was also born. Now when Dileep comes to participate in public events, sometimes Kavya also comes with him. Meanwhile, Dileep films are being prepared in several lines.

Voice of Sathyanathan and Bandra are in the post production stage after the shoot. Moreover, the pooja of Dileep’s 149th film was also held last day. Bandra is a very promising film for the audience. Tamannaah is the heroine in the movie. Bandra is the first Malayalam film of the actress.

Voice of Satyanathan Rafi has directed. The film was shot in Mumbai, Delhi, Rajasthan, Ernakulam and Kodungallur. The film also stars Joju George, Anupam Kher, Makarand Deshpande and Alencier Lopez.


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