‘Dileep should not have been expelled; Actor Siddique about vijay babu issue | ‘Dileep should not have been expelled; if he failed then don’t correct him’; Siddique

This is a matter for the court to consider. Let the court decide. A complaint was lodged against Vijay Babu. The police are investigating the complaint. He has now been granted anticipatory bail. Vijay Babu is in charge of the organization. He is now staying away from it.


Tomorrow we may be questioned about the expulsion of someone who is only one accused even if he is expelled. We will have to answer for that too. Vijay Babu is an elected member. Therefore, action can be taken against him only with good cause. It is not possible to jump into action without a decision in the case, Siddiqui said


However, when asked if Dileep was out on the same issue, Siddiqui said, “If there is any lapse in the incident against Dileep, it should not be rectified.” Asked by reporters if the action against Dileep was a failure, Siddiqui said it was not a failure but an expulsion of him.


The decision to expel should not have been made. It was a quick decision. The decision was taken when Dileep was arrested. “That is why he later resigned,” Siddiqui said.

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Meanwhile, Mohanlal again intervened when the media questioned him about this. Didn’t something positive happen years ago? Mohanlal also asked if you have any questions about the good things the organization does.


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