Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman in Sicily: the actor sees father Leotta. The wedding…

Diletta Leotta (Lapresse)

Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman in Sicily: the actor sees father Leotta. The wedding … The gossip

Diletta Leotta e Can Yaman they would be in Sicily (after photos of the couple leaving Fiumicino were shot on the social networks). According to the latest gossip, in fact, the beautiful presenter of Dazn she wants to introduce her new boyfriend to her dad. A step forward that, if confirmed, would bring the couple closer to that marriage we were talking about in recent days: ” I have to think about it, ” Leotta would have replied, according to the gossip, in front of the proposal. And perhaps after the meeting in Catania between Can Yaman and the Diletta’s father who knows that the official announcement for a wedding in August will not arrive (so the rumors told). During the week Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman had been at the stables. The journalist and showgirl had posted a short video of a riding lesson at the stables with Can Yaman and his Instagram stories. cavallo Cassius. “Come on Cassius!” She says in the video. Diletta Leotta appears on the actor’s horse, guided by Can Yaman and an instructor who tells her: “You’re very good!”

Diletta Leotta takes the (first) sun: the photo inflames the fans

Diletta Leotta takes the first sun of the year and posts the photo on social media for the happiness of his fans. The presenter of Dazn he is smiling as he welcomes the spring that seems to be peeping over Italy. See-through T-shirt, leather pants and black boot – needless to say, she is as beautiful as ever. And the fans approve: over 400 thousand likes in one day. “Beautiful as the sun”, I write the followers to Diletta Leotta. More and more queen of Instagram and in recent weeks also protagonist on the gossip front for her love with the beautiful Turkish actor Can Yaman. The last big question that grips fans is: will they marry or will they not marry?

Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman, wedding or no wedding? Ring, wedding date, but … Gossip

Can Yaman makes his wedding proposal, but Diletta Leotta he says no, or rather, he takes time according to what he reports Santo Pirrotta in his column A Saint in Paradise a Every morning on Tv8. There would be everything: the date (August 16), a ring (worth over 40 thousand euros) and then … Diletta Leotta said she was very happy. But he would have added a “I have to think about it”. Reason? According to this gossip, the two “have known each other for too little time”. The love story between the journalist from Dazn andTurkish actor (gives Daydreamer to the future Sandokan which will see him take the inheritance of Kabir Bedi) began in October 2020. Can Yaman spends the weekends at her home in Milan and according to Chi the couple would have already taken home in Rome, with Diletta Leotta ready to leave Milan. But, perhaps, it is not yet the time for marriage. Or maybe there will be a new twist. Meanwhile, it should be remembered that in mid-February a message even appeared in the skies of Rome: «Diletta will you marry me? I love you, Can ». The social networks had gone into fibrillation, even if for many it was a joke.

Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman the previous ‘episodes’

Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman fairytale love. “Once upon a time…”

“Once upon a time …” he writes Diletta Leotta on Instagram. The beginning of the fairy tales we listened to as children and perhaps the caption that tells of a fabulous love between her and Can Yaman? The journalist from Dazn publishes a photo with the beautiful Turkish actor: Diletta Leotta and the Prince Charming born in Istanbul (next to take on the role of Sandokan nel remake by Ferzan Ozpetek: also in the cast Luca Argentero as Yanez) caress a white horse. In recent days it was Can Yaman who put a photo on his Instagram page (see below).

Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman the photo posted by the Turkish actor. “Dangerous couple”

Can Yaman post a photo with Diletta Leotta. After weeks of gossip, rumors and rumors (in love or a couple of friends and business?) comes the first shot together published by the Turkish actor. The star of Daydreamer tag the reporter from Dazn who immediately reciprocates with a like (hundreds of thousands from fans arrive) and then deactivates the comments. A few weeks ago he had been studded with questions from his fans about this alleged relationship with Diletta Leotta. “My own business. Period ”, he replied adding an emoticon inviting silence.

“Dangerous couple” reads the caption. The two seem to have spent the day in a shooting range: Diletta Leotta he smiles and rests his head on the shoulder of Can Yaman, holding a gun in his hand. Both are wearing headphones that help muffle the noise of gunshots. Is this photo confirmation of their relationship? The web has taken it like this, but doubts are not lacking and the expectation is growing for an explicit official declaration.



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