DIRECT. Council of Paris: Porte de Montreuil, Duo towers… “With this PLU, these projects would not have been possible”

DIRECT.  Council of Paris: Porte de Montreuil, Duo towers… “With this PLU, these projects would not have been possible”

2023-06-05 12:57:41

300 ha of additional green spaces

In detail, “103 ha of parks and gardens will be created all over Paris and in particular in our north-eastern districts which suffer from pollution, explains Alexandra Cordebard (Paris en Commun), mayor of the 10th arrondissement. 110 ha will be cut and planted in the public space and on several large private plots. Finally, 90 ha ofgreen spaces existing ones will be protected, sanctuarized from any project of destruction, displacement. »

A total of 300 ha which will allow Paris “to become one of the rare world metropolises to respect the standard of 10 m2 of green spaces per inhabitant prescribed by the WHO. »

“The failure of the first Tree planthe hundreds of trees felled and the numerous attempts to concrete green spaces, are not elements that prove that the executive is ready to demineralize and vegetate”, declared, earlier, Catherine Ibled (GIP).

A “rupture” PLU

Émile Meunier (Les Écologistes) is delighted with a PLU which “literally marks a break with the town planning carried out in recent decades”.

“A break with densification first. You had to fill in the gaps at all costs, like in Tetris. We can no longer build on the ground. We are going to reduce the elevations in the narrow streets, ”presents the elected official.

“A break from the heights. The towers are an ecological disaster. We concrete the sky. 50 m had become the norm. We return to 37 m, the historic height of 1977. ”

Finally, a “break with the economic attractiveness” of the city. “We wrote down in black and white the reduction in the number of m2 of offices in Paris, I believe this is a world first for a capital. »

And to conclude: “Porte de Montreuil, Chapelle Internationalthe horrible Austerlitz project, the 300 m recumbent tower, the tours Duo… With this new PLU, none of these projects would have been possible. »

“We are committed to social diversity”

“We want to continue the social rebalancing carried out since 2014, whether in the 7th, Mrs. Dati, in the 16th, Mr. Szpiner, the 6th, Mr. Lecoq. We are going to transform if there is no land, we are going to preempt. We value social diversity. We will reject your wishes and amendments which seek to prevent the production of social housing “Warns Nicolas Bonnet-Oulaldj, from the Communist and Citizen group to the three LR mayors.

Fatoumaté Koné responds to Rachida Dati

In turn, about to speak about the urban issues of Paris, the president of the group Les Écologistes Fatoumata Kone challenges Rachida Dati. “Listening to you, I asked myself the question: What would Paris have been like if the City had not swung to the left in 2001? You also voted for the Triangle tower, you were against the pedestrianization of the banks, you are against social housing when we hear you. Paris would be much less breathable ”, abounds the elected ecologist.

Paris, “the city we flee”

“What has become of our neighborhoods? “, Then asks the leader of the Parisian right. “In what state are the place Henri-Frenay, the Jardins d’Eole, the Place Auguste-Baron, Stalingrad, the Porte de la Chapelle or even the Champs-de-Mars? How can the future of children be envisaged in such a framework? »

Paris. The mayor (LR) of the 7th arrondissement questions the majority on the state of several Parisian squares. LP/Olivier Corsan

Since 2006, “you have concreted Paris”

Each speaker has an introduction time of about ten minutes on the PLU. In her speech, Maud Gatel, president of the Modem, Democrats and Ecologists group, recalls the “additional 2.85 million m2 that were built” between 2006 and 2020.

“Since 2006, you have concreted Paris (…). You have promoted anti-ecological projects by freeing yourself from the 37 m rule in ZACs or with the tour Triangle. »

Paris, May 2023. During the two mandates of the socialist mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, several major projects were undertaken, such as the Tour Triangle here on the site of the Porte de Versailles exhibition center. LP/Olivier Corsan

” It’s urgent “

After the introduction of the socialist mayor of Paris, Pierre-Yves Bournazel (Independents and Progressives group) regrets “the logic of concentration of powers” that Paris is “tempted to keep”.

“Our beautiful capital cannot hope to solve the climate challenge alone with the same strategy, the same governance as yesterday, adds the elected official. The border between Paris and its suburbs is affirmed in your governance. There is an urgent need to relaunch a metropolitan strategy. See far to act well. »

1,000 buildings for social housing

“We are going to transform what already exists, rebalancing the eastern and western territories, making rehabilitation the norm and demolition the exception. 1,000 buildings are identified in this PLU to make social and affordable housing, half of which are offices,” continues Anne Hidalgo.

The City of Paris plans to reach 35% social housing by 2035.

What are the results of the last few years?

Before the speeches of the various political groups on the future urban planning rules in Paris, Anne Hidalgo takes stock of the operations carried out in recent years “to reduce the impact of the climate crisis on the city”. “The reconquest of the ways on banks, the private car reductionthe creation of streets for schools, the return to nature with the tree plan which has refreshed our City and a housing policy which offers a social and affordable offer”, lists the city councilor.

The mayor relies on figures: “Between 2011 and 2021, road traffic has decreased by 40% in inner Paris, pollution has also decreased by 40%. We have reached 1,400 km of cycle paths. »

The capital has 180 “school streets”. LP

“A decisive step”

After tributes paid by the hemicycle, the PLU invites itself to the discussion table and will animate the debates all day.

“We are going to take a decisive step with the vote of our first stop of our bioclimatic PLU”, introduces the elected socialist. An act which “comes to complete a democratic exercise, she underlines. This is a crucial step and a historic moment. »

And to add: “I want to talk to you about Paris, the challenges that are ours and the answers that we want to provide. The duty to support Parisians in accessing housing, local shops, offering them good living conditions. »

“Always closer”

The mayor (PS) of Paris Anne Hidalgo evokes, in the preamble to the Council of Paris, “an acceleration”, of the actions of the City “for the climate, solidarity and always more proximity”.

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