DIRECT. Handball World Cup: follow the semi-final between France and Sweden

DIRECT.  Handball World Cup: follow the semi-final between France and Sweden

13′. The Blues outnumbered (8-5)

Nicolas Tournat leaves his teammates at six for a few minutes.

12′. Johannsson brings Sweden closer (8-5)

The Swede scores from nine yards out and puts an end to a difficult five minutes for his team.

11′. What a goal from Prandi (7-4)

In the fight with a Swede, the Parisian scores from afar and allows the Blues to increase their lead!

10′. The Blues in front (6-4)

The Blues take a two-point lead thanks to an uphill goal from Mem.

9′. Palicka and Gérard on fire (4-3)

The two goalkeepers multiply the stops at the start of the match. Already four for Vincent Gérard.

7′. Imperial Mahé at 7m (3-3)

The Frenchman converts a new penalty and allows the Blues to come back to score.

6′. The Swedes go ahead (2-3)

What a huge shot from Carlsbogard! It allows Sweden to take the lead for the first time!

5′. Penalty won by Remili (2-2)

The Frenchman is pushed when he attempts a shot. Kentin Mahé then succeeds in his penalty.

3′. It goes for Remili (1-1)

He scores for the Blues on a French possession before Lagergren equalizes.

2′. First save by Vincent Gérard (0-0)

He stops Palicka’s shot. There is a lot of rhythm in these first minutes.

1′. Mem does not fit (0-0)

Mem tries the first shot but it’s diverted.


1′. Let’s go to the Tele2 Arena!

The Habs kick off this semi-final. And of course, go Blues!


Place at the Marseillaise

The hymns ring out in the Tele2 Arena in Stockholm.


Thibaud Briet still injured

Injured in the right index finger before the quarter-finals, the left-back is still not recovered to face Sweden tonight.


Dika Mem is 100 years old


The Swedish composition


The 7 Blues lined up for the half!


Rémi Desbonnet, hero in spite of himself

It is not necessarily him that we expected, but the tricolor goalkeeper was heroic against Germany in the quarters, (14 saves, 47% efficiency). The France team is counting on him against Sweden. For more information, click here.


And the winner will face… Denmark!

So there will be a big chunk in the final. Denmark, double reigning world champion, overcame Spain this afternoon in a very close match (23-26).


While waiting for the half, here is the magnificent gesture of Kentin Mahé


Sweden the black beast of the Blues?

The France team came up against Sweden in the semi-finals of the 2021 World Cup (32-26) and at Euro 2022 (34-33). The Swedes will still be deprived of their master to play Jim Gottfridsson.


The Karabatic brothers to lead the Blues

The French handball team is playing, this Friday evening at 9 p.m., the semi-final of the World Championship against Sweden in Stockholm and can always count on the siblings helping to make it shine for an eternity. For more information, click here.


Hello everyone!

Welcome to to follow the semi-final of the World Handball Championship between France and Sweden. Kick off at 9 p.m.


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