DIRECT. Mercato: discussions are underway between Cavani and Boca Juniors

In a river interview he gave us, Christophe Galtier expressed his annoyance at the term “undesirable” used to describe the players whose departure PSG want.

“Let’s talk about these players who are called undesirables. Do you realize this name? We are talking about international players, players who can go to the World Cup. No, they are not unwanted! But there is a desire on the part of the management to change things, to have a renewal. And in this context, we cannot stack the players each time a new coach arrives. In the end, that makes sessions with 27, 28 elements. It’s difficult to work, difficult for the entire squad but even more so for those who will have very little playing time. Believe me, on a human level, nothing was easy. But I wanted to be frank and direct and, with Luis, speak quickly to the players so that they have time to look back, reflect on the situation and not be blamed for us, with a few days to go before the end of the mercato, for not having told them anything. Was I right or wrong? Only the future will tell. »


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