DIRECT. Pension reform: follow the debates in the National Assembly on the LIOT group’s bill

DIRECT.  Pension reform: follow the debates in the National Assembly on the LIOT group’s bill

2023-06-08 07:43:17

The French still opposed to the reform

According to an Elabe poll, BFM published this morning, seven out of ten French people (71%) want LIOT’s initial bill, including the repeal of 64-year-olds, to be debated and put to the vote in the Assembly. According to this opinion poll, carried out among a sample of 1,000 people aged 18 and over, 63% of French people continue to support the mobilization against the pension reform.

Last night at the Assembly

The deputies rejected, by 120 votes against and 77 for, a motion for an LR resolution calling for the restriction of State Medical Aid (AME) which allows foreigners in an irregular situation to access care. The proposal called in particular to refocus the AME “on urgent care only”, to “modify the health protection of asylum seekers from safe countries of origin” and to restrict residence permits for care.

This proposal, launched in the continuity of the LR offensive on immigration, was only supported by the RN. The government was “unfavorable” to this “profound questioning of the AME”.

On the menu of the rest of the LIOT group niche

Six other texts have been prepared and the day must end no matter what at midnight. The proposal examined in second position aims to increase revenue from the tax on financial transactions (FTT) by making the financial sector contribute. Another, carried by the deputy of Guadeloupe Olivier Serva, concerns the Overseas Territories. In particular, it proposes extending existing mobility assistance schemes to workers in these territories.

Who is Yael Braun-Pivet?

A parliamentary debate in the hemicycle around the retirement age was in his hands. Torn between her function, which requires her to defend the prerogatives of the National Assembly, and her political loyalty to the President of the Republic, who is the president of the lower house of the French Parliament?

Mornings devoted to the subject

Before scrapping in the Assembly, everyone will be able to defend their positions – known – in the morning shows. In order of appearance, you will be able to listen Fabien Rousselnational secretary of the Communist Party (RTL, 7:40 a.m.), Olivier DussoptMinister for Labor (France Inter, 7:50 a.m.), Laurent Marcangelichairman of the Horizons group in the Assembly (Public Senate, 8 a.m.), the Minister of Public Accounts Gabriel Attal (Europe 1, 8h13).

At 8:15 a.m., you will have to choose between Eric WoerthMacronist MP (CNews) and Boris Vallaudthe president of the PS group in the Assembly (Sud Radio) then continue with the Insoumis Francois Ruffin (France Inter, 8h20).

Ten minutes later, again, with Lawrence Bergergeneral secretary of the CFDT, who will be on France Info, while Manuel Bompardthe boss of LFI, will be on RMC and BFM.

The bill consisted of three articles

Article 1 repealing the legal age at 64 having been struck out in committee, two articles remain. Article 2 provides that a pension system financing conference is organized before December 31, 2023, to discuss survivors’ pensions and the employment of seniors, in particular. It asks the government for a report before July 31, 2024, “describing the solutions examined and the new funding avenues proposed by the conference”.

3253 amendments had been tabled.

The entire text is ici.

Will the repeal be debated?

That’s the whole point of the morning. “Tomorrow, whatever happens, there will not be a vote on the repeal of the pension reform”, yesterday morning warned the President of the National Assembly Yaël Braun-Pivet, who yesterday brandished article 40 of the Constitution. This prohibits any parliamentary proposal creating a burden on public finances.

The Socialists want there to be a minimum vote on the only amendment in connection with the 64 years having passed the filter of article 40, even if it only asks for a report. “The deputies who will vote for this amendment will express their rejection of the reform”, they believe.

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