DIRECT. Pensions: “There is a desire on the part of some to create an insurrectional climate”, says Laurent Nunez

DIRECT.  Pensions: “There is a desire on the part of some to create an insurrectional climate”, says Laurent Nunez


“The black blocks were present from the first demonstrations”, assures the prefect of police

“They already existed, but they were more numerous and more violent during the last demonstration”, corrects the prefect of police of Paris Laurent Nunez, denying the idea that the first demonstrations against the pension reform were only peaceful.


Difficult arrests of black blocks

“We cannot preventively arrest people identified by the intelligence services. We arrest people who have committed an offense, which is difficult to characterize in police custody, ”recalls the prefect of police of Paris Laurent Nunez on France Inter.


“Emmanuel Macron must stop his clumsiness”, asks Bruno Retailleau

” To see each other again “. President LR of the Senate would like the Head of State to receive the unions, in particular the CFDT, which “must remain a reformist union”.


The far left “institutionalizes violence”, says Bruno Retailleau

“Some throw oil on fire, I am thinking in particular of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. He has one goal: to bring down the Fifth Republic, and he justifies violence every day. We must oppose it and denounce it ”, castigates the president LR of the Senate on RTL.


Bruno Retailleau “worried”

“You have to be worried” about the violence, says Bruno Retailleau on RTL. “We always find the same, the ultraviolent”, assures the president of the LR group in the Senate.

“There is fire at the France house because too many embers have been smoldering for too long. Some are throwing oil on the fire, the far left in particular and Mr. Mélenchon, “he says, referring to an” institutionalizing violence “.

“When you are elected by the Republic, you do not participate in prohibited demonstrations, you do not mix with black balaclavas. »

LP / Olivier Corsan


Young people block Thiers high school in Marseille

Young people should be much more mobilized during this 10th day of demonstration. About fifteen high school students block their establishment, the Lycée Thiers, in Marseille.


Emmanuel Macron’s popularity in sharp decline

The popularity of the Head of State is down over a month, according to an Odoxa barometer for Public Senate and the regional press. Only 30% of respondents believe that he makes a “good President of the Republic”: this is 6 points less than the previous month.

To the question: “Would you say that Emmanuel Macron is a good President of the Republic?”, 70% of those questioned answered “no”.


The Caen ring road blocked

About 150 people block trucks and cars on the Caen ring road, in both directions of traffic.


Update on transport in Île-de-France

Traffic is “very disrupted” this Tuesday on the RER network, with an average of three out of five trains on lines A and B, for the 10th day of mobilization against the pension reform. Find traffic forecasts.


“As soon as I hear them, I lower the curtain”


What route for the Parisian event?


Blocking of the Aubervilliers dump truck depot

Like yesterday, demonstrators block this morning the dump truck depot in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis), denouncing in particular the requisitions of several striking employees, according to journalists present on the spot.


Macron says he wants to “continue to reach out” to the unions

Stuck in the crisis, Emmanuel Macron assured yesterday that he wanted to “continue to reach out” to the unions, without however calling into question his reform.

Inflexible on the postponement of the legal retirement age from 62 to 64 years unanimously rejected by the unions, the Head of State reaffirmed before the tenors of the government and the leaders of his camp gathered for a lunch at the ‘Elysée his desire to iron out the situation.


The executive already in the aftermath?

Around 11:30 p.m. last night, the Prime Minister made a series of tweets to explain that the President of the Republic asked her to “build a government program and a new legislative program”.


Disturbances sector by sector

Many disturbances are to be expected everywhere in France, in particular in the National Education and the transport sector, with an executive who does not seem inclined to go back on his text. Le Parisien takes stock sector by sector. Here.


More than 100,000 signatures for the petition calling for the dissolution of Brav-M

This first level allows the petition to be put online on the Assembly’s website, “for more visibility”.

And if it finally reaches half a million signatures, from at least 30 overseas departments or communities, it can end up in the Hemicycle.


What security device?

Gérald Darmanin announced yesterday an “unprecedented security device” with “13,000 police and gendarmes, including 5,500 in Paris”. The Minister of the Interior called “in this period of violence (…) solemnly everyone to calm” and mentioned the possible arrival in Paris of “more than 1000 radical elements, some of whom came from abroad and from ‘others were present in Sainte-Soline this weekend.


Bonjour !

And welcome to this direct dedicated to this new day of mobilization against the pension reform, the tenth.


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