DIRECT. War in Ukraine: facing the G7, Zelensky says he hopes an end to the conflict by the end of the year


Faced with the G7, Zelensky says he wants an end to the war by the end of the year

In videoconference with members of the G7, the Ukrainian president says he wants the war to end before the end of the year. He “had a very strong message saying that we had to do the maximum to try to end this war before the end of the year”, underlined sources within the G7. He also called on the leaders of the seven countries to “step up sanctions” against Russia.


Putin’s first trip since the offensive against Ukraine

Vladimir Putin will travel to Tajikistan tomorrow, for his first trip since the start of the war against Ukraine, announces the Kremlin. “A working visit by President Putin is scheduled for tomorrow in Tajikistan,” said Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov. Putin will also travel to Turkmenistan on Wednesday for a summit of countries bordering the Caspian Sea.


Volodymyr Zelensky on the front page of the G7

Wearing a now traditional khaki t-shirt, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky took part from 10 a.m. in a videoconference with the leaders of the G7, meeting in Krün, in the German region of Bavaria.


Call to evacuate Lysychansk

The governor of the eastern Ukrainian region of Luhansk calls for the evacuation of the city of Lysychansk. “Due to a real threat to health and life, we are calling for an immediate evacuation. The situation is very difficult,” he said.


Zelensky highlights Ukrainian morale

Supporting images of destruction, the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, explains that the Russian strikes do not affect the morale of his country. In a message broadcast on Telegram messaging, he wrote that “no missile, no strike can undermine the morale of the Ukrainians. Each missile is an argument for us in discussions with our partners”.


G7 increases pressure on Russia

The G7 countries meeting at the summit in Germany will further tighten the economic grip on Russia, in particular by developing a “mechanism to cap the price of Russian oil at the global level”, says a senior White House official, the presidency American. They will also “continue to restrict Russia’s access to crucial industrial resources”, in particular in the defense sector, which the United States will already “target aggressively” with sanctions against large Russian public companies, according to the same source. Finally, the G7 will “coordinate to use customs duties on Russian products in order to help Ukraine”, indicates this senior official, who did not want to be identified, recalling that the major industrialized countries have agreed to tax Russian exports more heavily.


Von Der Leyen favors participation in the G20 even in the presence of Putin

The President of the European Commission is in favor of Western participation in the next G20 summit in November, in Indonesia, despite the probable presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I think it is better to tell him to his face, if he comes, what we think, and that he takes a stand,” Ursula von der Leyen told German television channel ZDF. The G20 brings together 19 of the most developed countries as well as the European Union. “The G20 is too important for developing countries, emerging countries, for us to let Putin destroy it. One thing is very clear, there will be no business as usual, that is to say, normality. »


Ukraine announces that 35,000 Russian servicemen have been killed

According to the latest report released by the Ukrainian authorities, 35,000 Russian soldiers died in combat. 1552 tanks were also destroyed, 217 planes and 184 helicopters.


Tuesday talks between Turkey, Sweden and Finland on NATO

The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, will discuss tomorrow with the leaders of Sweden and Finland about the accession of these two countries to NATO. Turkey currently opposes it, pointing out favors that these countries would grant to Kurdish opponents of Turkey.


A South Korean has no regrets

Ex-member of the South Korean special forces, Ken Rhee, 38, had to break the law of South Korea to leave to fight in Ukraine. But, for him, it would have been a “crime” not to put his skills at the service of a country at war, explains the AFP agency. He visited the Ukrainian Embassy in early March. His country having forbidden its nationals to go there, he had to break the law. Wounded while leading a patrol, he was repatriated to South Korea, where fifteen police officers were waiting for him on his arrival. “It’s as if while walking on the beach, you see a sign no swimming and you see a bather drown. It is a crime not to help him. That’s how I see things. »


Rescue operations still ongoing

The emergency services continue to mobilize in the rubble of the kyiv building hit by a missile on Sunday. A hundred professionals are on site.


Russia defaults on its debt

Overnight, Russia officially defaulted on its sovereign debt in foreign currencies, reports Euronews in particular. The country owed 100 million dollars to its creditors on Sunday. International sanctions prevent him from paying in dollars or euros. This defect is a first since 1918.


Russia on reserve

The British Ministry of Defense also believes that Russia must increasingly call on its reservists in the war it is waging against Ukraine. These are often people who have served in the last five years. However, the authorities are not yet planning to launch a general mobilization.


Direction Izium

In its daily update, the British Ministry of Defense Explain that after the fall of Severodonetsk, in eastern Ukraine, the Russian army would concentrate its efforts on Izium, which lies a little further west.


Birth in the Drôme

A Ukrainian refugee has given birth to a daughter in Drôme, France Bleu reports. The delivery took place on June 15. The child’s father is at the front. “I never imagined having a baby in France,” says the mother, who hopes to return to Ukraine “as soon as things get better”, perhaps “in September”.


US to supply new missiles to Ukraine

According to CNN, the United States will acquire a new type of surface-to-air missiles. They will be delivered to Ukraine to help it carry out defensive operations.


Zelensky will demand more efforts from Westerners

The Ukrainian president must demand more weapons for his country and a new strengthening of Western sanctions against Russia from the leaders of the G7. Volodymyr Zelensky is due to speak by videoconference mid-morning during this meeting of the seven industrial powers which began on Sunday in the bucolic setting of Elmau Castle, at the foot of the Bavarian Alps. The Ukrainian leader, who will also participate in the NATO summit in Madrid (Spain) from tomorrow, wants to put pressure on the seven leaders for increased support from them, the day after Russian strikes on kyiv, denounced as acts of “barbarism” by the American president, Joe Biden.


Conflict, a breeding ground for drugs

Illicit drug manufacturing could take advantage of the war in Ukraine to thrive, warns the United Nations, in light of the experience of conflicts in other areas. “Reports from the Middle East and South East Asia tend to indicate that conflict situations can act as a magnet for the manufacture of synthetic drugs, which can in fact be produced anywhere,” the report said. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). “This effect can be even greater when the conflict zone is near large consumer markets.” Prior to the Russian invasion, Ukraine had a growing number of amphetamine laboratories. This production capacity “could expand if the conflict persists”. “The police are no longer there to stop the activity of the laboratories. »


Two Canadian ships in the Baltic Sea

Canada deployed two warships to the Baltic Sea and the North Atlantic yesterday. They joined two frigates already present in the region to reinforce the eastern flank of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. They will be deployed for four months.


G7 leaders step up pressure on Moscow

Anxious to send a strong signal of support to kyiv, US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, meeting on the occasion of the G7, announced an embargo on Russian gold imports. This ban, which applies to newly mined gold in Russia, without targeting gold already sold, will hit “the Russian oligarchs directly and attack the heart of Putin’s war machine”, assured Boris Johnson.


124th day of fighting in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine began on February 24, so it has already been 124 days since Ukrainians suffered aggression from Russian forces.


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