Director Grymov considers women more cruel

“The fair sex is not so beautiful and becomes more rigid and cruel than men”

The artistic director of the “Modern” theater does not exchange for trifles: the personalities in his productions are historical, he raises topics of a truly planetary scale. Which will be confirmed by the 35th season of “Modern” – the heroes of the Renaissance, tolerance for same-sex marriages. Yuri Grymov told the MK observer about the theater’s conceptual plans.

Dmitry Bozin, the leading actor of the Roman Viktyuk theater and the best student of the Master, appeared at the gathering of the troupe. I ask Grymov: Did Dmitry Bozin join the Moderna troupe? After all, his theater is not working now – a recruiting station is temporarily located there.

– No, he didn’t, he was invited to the role of Leonardo da Vinci, but we have certain plans for him. He is so professional and so in love with the theater that I am happy that he came to my theater.

Grymov announces the 35th season of “Modern” as a conceptual one – it will be dedicated to women.

– I will stage “Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District” – the bloodiest play in Russian literature.

– And how bloody will the new production be? Or maybe, on the contrary, bloodless?

“Bloody enough, because passion and more passion creates blood. When a woman fights for her love for selfish purposes, she can transgress any line, the most forbidden or secret.

“And you might think that the man is not. Although the agenda of female cruelty and determination is now generally very relevant. Here is the new British Prime Minister Liz Truss told the whole world that she is ready to press the nuclear button. Are you drawing a parallel from Leskov to the present?

Why did I decide to stage Leskov? I see how the world is changing rapidly, and my beloved Europe is becoming tougher and tougher. There, more and more women come into politics, and at first I thought that this was a plus: after all, a woman is a mother, and all my hopes are connected precisely with this. But we see that very tough women are coming to power, ready to press the nuclear button. Therefore, my “Lady Macbeth” will be about how the fair sex is not so beautiful and becomes more rigid and cruel than men. The crazy world with its tolerance for same-sex marriage is about women. I also announce two most interesting authors – Milorad Pavic and Paulo Coelho.

– But how did you manage to solve the issue of copyright in the current conditions? Many of your colleagues, due to disagreements with Western literary agents and agencies, refuse Western works.

– We succeeded – old connections still decide a lot, although not all. And I knew Pavić when he was still alive, I know his widow and at one time I was going to make a film based on his work. In general, in “Modern” Renaissance, and we have, as you can see, “Leonardo”. Since January, the director’s laboratory will start working, and I myself decided to open the “Modern Workshop”. I want to start preparing actors for myself. This is not a second higher education, but courses.

I think that any theater should develop conceptually so that the viewer understands why he should go to Modern. I am now faced with the fact that young actors are not educated, do not understand what was happening in the cinema before they were born, and do not understand the trends that are taking place in the world theater. So I will teach them.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28879 dated September 29, 2022

Newspaper headline:
Yuri Grymov is worried about the cruelty of women


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