director selvaraghavan says about naanae varuven movie promotion | Ponni’s Selvan Vs Nane Varuyan… We Gave Up – Director Selvaraghavan Perumitham

Selvaraghavan is one of the important directors of Tamil cinema. His films like Kadhal Kondane, Puduppettai and Medhigam Enna directed by him with Dhanush are fans’ favourites. In a situation where the two were not together for a long time, he directed the film Nane Varavan with Dhanush in the production of Thanu. The film, composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, was released on September 29. The film received mixed reviews. Fans also said that the film has been made as the latest Aalvanthan. Apart from that, they also said that there is no innovation in the story of the film.

Whereas Ponni’s Selvan released on 30th. Fans took to social media to question the release of Ponni’s Selvan. It is also worth noting that Parthiban, while speaking at the promotion of Ponni’s Selvan, said, “I will come last night and I have arrived this morning.”

Meanwhile, the reason why the film did not go well was that producer Thanu Nane Varavan, who is known for his promotions, did not pay proper attention to the promotions. None of the promotions for Ponni’s Selvan was for Nane Varavan. Many people also said that Thanu was overconfident and died.

In this case, director Selvaraghavan has spoken about Nane Varavan promotion in an interview given to a private media. Speaking on it, Selvaraghavan said, “Ponni’s Selvan film had a great promotion on the one hand. As a Tamilian we should support it. It is our pride.

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When a great director like Mani Ratnam has made a film, we should not do promotion to show that we are there. It would be better if it was free for them,” he said. Everyone knows that Selvaraghavan is a fan of Mani Ratnam. Now this interview of his has proved it again.

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