Protect the disability through the promotion of active policies in support of disabled citizens-patients, enhancing the right to health, inclusion and equal opportunities. The two-year memorandum of understanding will see the healthcare industry category of Confimi Industria and the Italian Disability Manager Society work together for the organization of training activities within the companies of the Confimi Industria system and research activities in technological innovation with the ultimate goal of accessibility.

A very necessary synergy, as Massimo Pulin President of Confimi Industria Sanità underlined “in the world of Disability the imperative is to unite and not divide, to work together to improve the conditions of all thanks to new technologies, which can support people with disability in an easier approach to the world of work and to every context of social life “.

Of the same opinion Rodolfo Dalla Mora, president of SIDiMa, who in his speech highlighted “how important it is to develop synergies in support of people with disabilities who are effectively able to guarantee the right to health, inclusion, equal opportunities and freedom in all its forms. The main objective is the research, promotion and dissemination of Disability Management “.

Confimi Industria Sanità represents over 780 companies, and about 10,000 employees who work in the most different sectors of the sector: from biomedical to the production, distribution and trade of machinery, devices and medical devices; from laboratories to health and social care.

The Italian Disability Manager Society (SIDi.Ma.) is the first association of Disability Managers, established in Italy in April 2011.


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