Disaster at the amusement park: 31 injured in a collision between roller coasters

Melgoland also stated that immediately after the fatal collision, it began investigating the incident. It was also reported that “the accident happened after one roller coaster stopped its journey and another train did not stop completely for reasons that are not yet known. A total of 38 people were on the two trains, with 31 of them as mentioned injured. 14 of the injured were taken to the hospital to receive drops and the rest were treated on the spot .

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Three helicopters landed at the scene of the accident and began to evacuate the injured. Some of the injured got stuck inside the roller coasters and fire brigade teams arrived at the scene and rescued them. The roller coaster, designed to look like a fire-breathing dragon, passes through a dark interior before emerging onto a large track and winding at speeds of up to 29 km/h.

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The park’s divisional manager, Manuela Stone, said: “The team acted immediately as required by safety procedures and guests were immediately evacuated from the trains. Legoland emergency crews as well as paramedics, doctors, police and firefighters were on the scene within minutes. The park area was evacuated. We would like to thank all staff The emergency demonstrators are very committed to the site today and we want to wish a speedy recovery to all involved.”


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