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2023-10-01 07:05:00

The right-wing government of Greece has just increased the working day to 72 hours and 6 days a week, when it is 40 hours in the world. The worker can also accept a second job for a maximum of 5 hours, which means that he can work 13 hours a day. That is, exploitation to the extreme, as in the monarchical or slave era.

All this comes after the resounding failure of the left-wing Syriza government. The Greek right managed to win by arguing its inefficiency. This is just one example of what has happened with the left in power. When they have not governed they have achieved a series of changes, but when they have been in power with their disastrous actions they have given arguments to the extreme right to enthrone themselves and reverse many achievements.

But now the situation is even more complex, since a so-called progressive left has appeared, which claims to defend the poor, but this is nothing more than a means or a mechanism to gain power. Faced with the vacuum left by the traditional left, this progressive left takes the opportunity to fish in troubled waters.

But that’s not all, they have realized that assaulting state power is the possibility of assaulting public coffers, under the argument that they must protect themselves from right-wing persecution or have sufficient funds to confront right-wing propaganda.

They have become a cartel, just like the guerrilla groups that extort funds, and now they use the party form to do the same. Politics turned into a business, all in the name of the people, their needs, their dreams.

But the most serious thing is the dictatorial left like that of Ortega, Maduro, Diaz-Canel. And that is what Morales and Correa intend. If Luisa González wins Ecuador she would continue that course.

This does not mean that we bet on the right, on the contrary, right and left are sides of the same coin. It is time to move beyond this political show and generate something very different.

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