Discover Dollcore – The trend of “bow dress” promoted by young people from Europe to Asia | Life – Entertainment

Discover Dollcore – The trend of “bow dress” promoted by young people from Europe to Asia |  Life – Entertainment

2023-05-28 04:58:00

Considered a sub-branch of Balletcore and Cottagecore, however, Dollcore fashion focuses more on sweet femininity through pale lace or transparent fabrics and featured details such as ruffles and waist skirts. with ribbon bow. Contrasting with the elegant outfit are chunky Mary Jane shoes paired with high stockings, embellished with pearl jewelry for a vintage look.

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If she is a fashionista who likes to experiment with new styles at the most economical cost, the mantra “Dress well, go to Shopee” will now fully work. Just go to Shopee app and explore Dollcore collection with hundreds of extremely discounted items. And yet, when participating in shopping at the “Trend Day” program within the framework of the event “6.6 Genuine Flash Sale” Today, you can easily get more free shipping 0 VND and hunt for fashion and cosmetics deals up to 50% off!

This sparkly sequined pink ballet skirt is a very Dollcore item that shows off her petite hips, slim legs, and accentuates femininity. Buy now at a special price at:

Short-sleeve or two-piece croptop with lace trim and pastel tones is the next choice for her to mix and match with Dollcore.

A set of neckline corsets and faux rose skirt pants from Lseoul will turn her into a sweet Barbie doll in an instant. “Close orders” with preferential prices at:

Lace trim, bow ties, floral appliques, pleats are all Dollcore’s that you can find in Bubble’s Lolli set, gently celebrating the slender, somewhat innocent femininity. Check it out at:

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Taking care of sales is only one part, having a clear time, location and sales information will help you soon reach your goal. At this Genuine 6.6 Flash Sale event, Shopee users not only have access to a series of product collections up to 50% off in all categories, featuring Fashion & Cosmetics, but also enjoy comfort. offer free shipping 0 dong on the whole floor.

Not stopping there, just join the lucky spin at the Genuine 6.6 Flash Sale event homepage on the Shopee app from June 1 to the end of June 8, your chance to own a brand new iPhone 14 is right here. reach of hand. Notably, the shopping journey with Shopee has become even more interesting with a series of live broadcasts that take place in a row for three days from June 4 to June 6, bringing lots of laughter and lots of fun. valuable rewards from Shopee and companion sponsors. For more information about the program, visit:

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