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Pietro Giuliani explains the new frontier for investing with digital currencies | Courier TV

Electronic money is not just a trend or a need, it will be the new standard, which will introduce others. Like the token, the string of alphanumeric data that will represent a financial asset and that promises to be the new frontier of investments. The Economics of Corriere della Sera dedicates an in-depth study to the “Token economy”. Pietro Giuliani, president of Azimut, talks about it, together with Silvio Micali, from Palermo with a chair at MIT in Boston, where he deals with computer science and artificial intelligence and was winner of the prestigious Godel Prize and Turing Award. Also intervening with Giuliani and Micali is Mathias Imbach, founder and CEO of Sygnum, the first digital asset bank in the world. Giorgio Medda and Gabriele Blei, CEOs of Azimut, then explain how the Italian manager is moving in this promising area of ​​investment and what opportunities await the investor in a sector that is very little known but with enormous development potential.



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