Discovered an ancient Roman road under the Venice lagoon – Submerged in the Venice lagoon there is an ancient Roman road. The scientists of theInstitute of Marine Sciences of Venice (Ismar), who have found evidence of this route through sonar surveys.

In Roman times, the authors explain, large areas of the lagoon that are now submerged were accessible by land. Roman artifacts have been found on the islands and waterways, but the link between these finds and the occupation by the people of Rome was unclear.

The team, led by Fantina Madricardo, mapped the seabed using sonar, discovering 12 archaeological structures aligned north-east for 1,140 meters, in an area known as Canale di Treporti.

the structures, up to 52.7 meters high and up to 134.8 meters long, would represent the most concrete evidence of the presence of an ancient Roman course that can be traveled.

Scientists speculate that the largest of these structures was a pier. Previously collected data suggest that the road lies on sandy ground, which was at sea level during Roman times.

These findings, the authors conclude, indicate that a long time ago a stable Roman settlement could have crossed the Treponti Canal, and the road could have been connected to a wider network, used by travelers and sailors to cross the lagoon and the one that today is the city of Chioggia.



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