discovered the oldest brewery, dates back to over 5 thousand years ago-

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It wasn’t exactly the same as the beer we’re used to today. But it was a fermented grain drink, so technically it can be called “beer”. In Egypt, what is probably the oldest place in the world where beer was produced was discovered. It is located in Abydos and, according to archaeological evidence, dates back to 3.100 BC. C., ie at the beginning of the dynastic era of Ancient Egypt.

The time of King Narmer

The discovery was made by a team of Egyptian and American researchers about 450 kilometers south of Cairo, on the site of an ancient necropolis on the right bank of the Nile. According to the first analyzes, the finds (a series of terracotta containers for the fermentation of cereals, probably barley and spelled) could date back to the time of King Narmer, the mythical pharaoh Menes who reunited the kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt in a only kingdom.

It produced over 22,000 liters

There are eight large basins about 20 meters long and 2.50 wide, each of which has about forty smaller containers arranged in two rows, which were used to heat a mixture of water and cereals to produce beer. The production capacity was considerable: about 22,400 liters. The drink was used in the royal funeral rites of the nearby necropolis. At the beginning of the twentieth century a British archaeological mission had mentioned the existence of a structure for the production of beer, but until now it had never been possible to locate it with precision. Abydos was one of the holiest cities of Ancient Egypt, linked to the cult of the god Osiris.

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