Disney Plus presents: these are the new movies that will come out in December

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New content is coming to Disney+ in December 2022 and it’s about several particularly intriguing series – starting with an original crime story about three close friends who find themselves at the center of one of the most shocking secret conspiracies in American history, a crazy night at the museum in a new movie, a school comedy, a love story and a host of other surprises.

“Amsterdam” | December 14
“Amsterdam,” by acclaimed filmmaker David O. Russell, is an original crime story about three close friends who find themselves at the center of one of the most shocking secret conspiracies in American history. Set in the 1930s, this fascinating and complex story brilliantly weaves historical fact with fiction into one topical cinematic experience.

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The three different friends at the center of the story are a doctor and a lawyer, both veterans of the First World War who were wounded in battle, and the nurse who treated them both in the hospital in Belgium. The trio made a pact in Amsterdam and vowed to always be there for each other. Years later, they are reunited in New York, where they are wrongfully accused of a crime and instantly become part of a global conspiracy.

Crazy Night at the Museum: The Return of Kamunara | December 9
“Mad Night at the Museum: The Return of Kamunara” is a new animated adventure based on the beloved film series. Nick Daly’s summer job as the night watchman at the American Museum of Natural History is a challenging job for any high school student. Fortunately, he follows in his father’s footsteps and already knows the ancient tablet that resurrects all the exhibits in the museum when the sun goes down. Nick is happy to see his old friends, including Teddy, Sacajavia and Rex. But when the mad ruler Kamunara escapes with plans to open a door to the Egyptian underworld and unleash his army of the dead, Nick will have to stop the mad king and save the museum once and for all.

“National Treasure: The Edge of History” | December 14
As Jess Valenzuela searches for history’s greatest treasures, she uncovers her family’s secret past.

“Diary of a Nerd 2 – Roderick Schulte” | December 2
The series “Diary of a Nerd: Roderick Controls” is based on the second book in the very successful series of books by Jeff Kinney. The destructive adventures of anxiety-ridden, disaster-prone high school student Greg Hafley continue, this time focusing on his complex relationship with his older brother Roderick. Greg faces his biggest challenge yet: surviving an entire weekend alone with his brother Roderick while obeying an ever-growing list of rules he makes up.

“Last Chance for Love” | December 2
“Last Chance for Love” is the story of Candela, a young woman who works in a logistics company and tries to fulfill her dream of becoming a singer. Her life changes when Federico Arisa, a record company manager, hears her sing in a club. That evening, Candela runs into Diego, a guy who went to high school with her, and now tries to make a living by boxing, while trying to find a balance between training kids and participating in illegal fights. Although they have not seen each other for years, but after the chance meeting that evening, their lives change from one end to the other. In their story, Candela and Diego will overcome obstacles and disappointments, and experience hope, love and friendship.

Abbott Elementary School | December 7
A comedy that follows a group of passionate and dedicated teachers and one somewhat insensitive principal as they navigate life in a Philadelphia public school. Although the odds are against them, they are determined to help their students succeed in life, and although they are poor in both numbers and budget, they love what they do, even if they don’t like the very unwary attitude of the District Board of Education towards children’s education.

Atlanta (Season 3) | December 28
Atlanta revolves around Ernst “Arn” Marks (Glover), a loner who returns to his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia after dropping out of Princeton. Upon his arrival, he discovers that his cousin Alfred has become Atlanta’s hottest new rap act. The series follows the cousins ​​as they make their way through the Atlanta rap scene, where their contrasting views on art, commerce, success and race will make their journey anything but easy. Eren is extremely smart, observant and lost. As a disillusioned millennial, he struggles to find his calling or “brand” and feels that the game of life is fixed so that he can never win. He recognizes that Alfred’s overnight YouTube popularity has the potential to become a life-changing opportunity for both of them—if he can master his cousin’s “do first, think later” attitude and get used to his psychotic (and admittedly weird) partner Darius. As Alfred’s manager, Arne may finally find something worth devoting his energies to.

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