Dispute over the credibility of Nemi El-Hassan

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BerlinFor Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) it should be further proof of diversity in public broadcasting. The 28-year-old Berlin doctor and journalist Nemi El-Hassan is intelligent and open-minded, a fashionably attractive appearance. So she seemed ideally suited to moderate the science magazine “Quarks” of the Cologne broadcaster from now on.

But there are other images that show her wearing a headscarf at an Al-Quds demonstration in Berlin, an event initiated by the Iranian Ayatollahs that is notorious for its anti-Semitic slogans. Nemi El-Hassan’s participation was seven years ago, she was in her early twenties and at the time she was obviously in activist circles. In a video from this time, she talks about jihad as a spiritual experience that she would like to see differentiated from the militant-military meaning of the term. Critics are now accusing her of relativizing Islamist terrorism in this way.

Ironic reference to jihad

Nemi El-Hassan has distanced herself from her earlier statements that she is no longer the person she was then. However, that is no longer enough to appease. The WDR has suspended the start of El-Hassan’s moderation of “Quarks”, which was planned for November.

The transformation of young people’s attitudes towards political Islam can be seen quite well in Nemi El-Hassan’s professional career. She wrote for taz, Tagesspiegel and Die Zeit. With others, she ran the satirical channel “Datteltäter” on YouTube, which wanted to educate people about Islam in a funny way and counteract Islamophobia and was ironically referred to as educational jihad.

The debate about Nemi El-Hassan is now stamping her as an insecure cantonist. In fact, the dispute over them represents the mutually difficult arrival of people with a migration background in social reality.


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